Brown Rot of Fruit Trees

Identification and Control of Brown Rot

Brown rot is a fungal disease that attacks stone-fruit trees such as peaches, plums and cherries. It is the most devastating issue effecting many fruit trees, Peach Trees in particular. It effects blossoms, fruit and smaller branches. Cankers, fruit rot, brown gray tufts can be seen on the twigs or fruit especially when wet.

Captan Fungicide for treatment of Brown Rot on Fruit Trees

Otherwise healthy fruit trees that contract brown rot generally survive if the disease is controlled as soon as possible. Fortunately, brown rot is not difficult to detect and treat.

Brown rot will destroy shoots and flower blossoms commencing at bloom time. The cankers first appear as small and gummy on infested tissues, and rapidly spread to nearby unripe and ripening fruits. It is spread primarily by wet weather and excess moisture.

Brown Rot of Fruit Trees

Fruits will mummify on the tree, some will fall to the ground. Remove all mummified fruit from the tree and ground and dispose of it properly.

Mummified Fruit caused by Brown Rot of Fruit Trees

Fungicides with captan or azoxystrobin should be applied prior to fruit ripening.

Captan is a Multipurpose fungicide that is listed for use against Brown rot as well as powdery mildew, damping-off, anthracnose, and several other common and not so common blights of fruit trees and assorted plants.

Fungi that Captan is effective against have never been known to acquire an immunity so it can be used time and again.

Azoxystrobin is also effective against brown rot and it boasts the broadest antifungal properties of any fungicides. Azoxystrobin is sold under the trade names Heritage fungicide and is also an active ingredient in Immunox by spectracide and daconil.

Thiophate methyl is another chemical registered for use against Brown rot, it is sold as Thiomyl and is incorporated into several other products commonly available.

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