Kajari Melons

Rare Asian Heirloom

Kajari Melons

An unusual and until fairly recently unheard of melon has come out of punjab province in India. It is a colorful and tasty Asian Heirloom that was close to extinction at one time.

The rind is smooth although the variant colored stripes leave the impression of being ribbed. The flesh is a pale green to yellow sometime a tad peachy. The taste is similar to honeydew but not quite as sweet it has a hint of green apple flavor. They weigh between 1.5 and 2.5 lbs on the average. Not in the least bit heat tolerant and will do best in regions north of the Mason Dixon line. Full sun is tolerable, but not advisable limited shade is best.

It also bares relatively early 70 - 80 days. Unripened melons can be picked after the first frost and will continue to ripen in storage. Anticipate 4 -8 melons on a healthy plant. They can grow on a trellis , or simply as ground cover - sprawling.

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