Yellow Transparent Apple

Yellow Transparent Apple, Sometimes known as Glass Apple due to its semi transparent skin, was imported by the USDA from Russia in the late 1800s in an effort to introduce very cold-hardy varieties that could be raised successfully in colder northern latitudes.

Zones: 3-8

Soil: Loamy - Well Drained

pH Level: 6.0 - 7.0

Light: Full Sun

Pollinator Needed

Bloom Color: White

Fruit Color: Yellow - almost white

Fruit Size: Medium - Large

Ripens/Harvest:July - August

Maturity [Years to bare Fruit]: 2 - 5

Taste & Texture: Crisp Overly Sweet And Juicy

Yellow Transparent Apples in Basket

Yellow Transparent, like most cultivars is not self pollinating. In order to bare fruit it must be pollinated by another variety. A similar variety is always best. Grafted Trees are also available, with two or more varieties grafted together on one stock to ensure adequate pollination.

The results of this cross-pollination does not produce cross pollinated fruits, they will stay true to variety. The seeds however, should you plant them, will not produce true to the original cultivar.

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