Freezing Apples

Freeze Apples With or Without Added Sugar

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Enzymes in apples, pears and some other fruits causes a browning. This browning is referred to as oxidation,which begins as soon as the fruits outer skin is broken, cut or sliced.

This Browning causes loss of vitamins, as well as making apples less appealing and subject to bacterial decay.

Because fruits are usually served raw they are not generally blanched to prevent this oxidation.

Commercial canning operations add chemical compounds to control the enzymes in the fruits. The Home Cook - yes you - can temporarily stop fruit oxidation by placing the fruit in lemon juice solutions or in sugar syrup.

Apples retain much of their texture and flavor when packed in sugar or sugar syrup. Fruits packed in syrup are generally best used for uncooked desserts, those packed in syrup or unsweetened mediums such as Lemon Juice are best for other cooking purposes.

Freezing Apples in Syrup

The "Syrup" is simply a water/sugar solution. I Prefer a 50/50 mix - half sugar and half water. Add 1/2 teaspoon pure lemon juice to each quart of syrup.

Slice apples directly into the cold syrup in a container, starting with 1/2 cup syrup per pint container.

Press fruit down in containers and pour over the apples enough syrup to completely cover them.

Before placing your apples in the freezer or deep freeze be sure to label them with not only the contents but the date as well.

Frozen apples in syrup can be used in a number of recipes, pies, sauces, cakes and etcetra.

Apples can also be frozen without the added sugar syrup

Wash the skinned apples, drain, core and dry them.

Spritz them with just a light spray or drizzle of Lemon juice and place them in freezer bags label them and freeze.

When ready for use , wash them again in cold water.

Some people freeze them with the peels still on, which does help prevent oxidation and this works just as well.

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