Blue Strawberries

Blue Strawberry GMO
  • Fragaria ananassa
  • Full Sun or Slight Shade
  • oil pH: 5.5 to 6.5

Blue GMO Strawberries

Well golly gee willikers – what will they think of next?!

Scientists have genetically modified Strawberries and turned them Blue ! The actual object of this endeavor is to allow the Strawberries to resist freezing temperatures. The “Blue” is a colorful side effect.

By transferring genes from an Arctic Flounder Fish that protects itself from freezing waters they have created the Blue Strawberry. Theoretically, the Strawberry won’t turn mushy or degrade when it is frozen.

There are also some Non-GMO Blue Strawberries  , which are the product of natural breeding techniques.

Are Blue Strawberries a Scam ?

There are many products for sale purporting to be ‘Blue Strawberry Seeds’ most will rarely produce a blue strawberry, very rarely., a site that has lost most of its credibility in recent years largely due to its political shenanigans [See: Snopes Lies ], has a poorly researched article entitled ‘Are Blue Strawberries Real?’ in which they state No matter what seeds you plant, however, they will not grow into a blue strawberry plant. All of these images started out as photographs of regular old red strawberries before they were digitally altered to appear blue: Their claim is only partially true, in fact it is mostly false. Many of the images on the web are digitized images of red strawberries enhanced to appear Blue, but not all. Should you plant blue strawberry seeds 9 out of 10 will revert to red, their natural color. A few will have minor blue highlights and somewhere around 1 out of a hundred will be blue and sometimes purplish or red blue.

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