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Growing and Caring for Asparagus, Varieties of Asparagus, Trouble Shooting Asparagus Plants

Growing Asparagus

Growing Asparagus

Asparagus is an easily grown long lived perennial, given proper care - asparagus plants can be productive for over a decade. But It takes at least two years and sometimes up to three years to establish an asparagus patch.

Asparagus Compatible Plants

Herbs such as parsley, basil, coriander and Dill. Flowers such as Aster family flowers, Marigolds, petunia and daisies. Vegetables such as Tomatoes and carrots are all good companion plants for Asparagus.

Trouble-Shooting Asparagus - Pests and Diseases Common to Asparagus Plants

Asparagus Berries - Asparagus has male and female plants. The females produce small red berries that start off green and turn red. The berries are toxic and will probably give you the diarrhea at the very least.

Asparagus Varieties

Asparagus Varieties. Asparagus plants are either male or female. The females bear seeds, and sprout new seedlings which takes considerable energy from the plant and causes overcrowding in the bed. Male plants obviously do not. They put no energy into seeds and produce larger spears because of this. Male plants do not produce volunteer seedlings, which compete against the established plants and contribute to reduced yields. All-male hybrids are also more disease resistant than older varieties.

Jersey Knight Asparagus - Jersey knight is a predominantly male variety of Asparagus. Male varieties are preferred by many gardeners, males are far more productive in producing abundant spears.

Mary Washington Asparagus is an heirloom asparagus variety introduced by the US Department of Agriculture in 1949, it has remained a consistent favorite of gardeners and farmers ever since.

Purple Asparagus - Green and white asparagus are the same plants grown differently, white asparagus is denied sunlight while developing, which prevents photosynthesis and hence leads to the albino appearance as well as a differing taste. The difference between purple asparagus and standard varieties however is more than skin deep.

White Asparagus - White or Albino asparagus is not a separate cultivar from normal green asparagus, it is the same plant grown differently - the trick is to deny the plant access to as much light as possible, thereby blocking its ability to produce chlorophyll - the compound which gives plants their green color. Producing white asparagus is more labor intensive.