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Growing and Caring for Eggplant, Varieties of Eggplant, Trouble Shooting Eggplant, Preparing Eggplant.

Growing Eggplant

Planting Guide to Eggplants

Eggplants were once considered a Sexy Fruit. They were called "apples of love" by the Portuguese and Spanish . Medieval Europeans believed that eggplant was an aphrodisiac. Botanists once classified them as " Mala insana," -"mad apple,"- there was a belief that consuming Eggplant would cause insanity. In modern times they serve as an excellent meal, and are quite frequently used as a meat substitute. They are a favorite of Gardener's around the World.

Eggplant Companion Plants

Eggplant grows well with beans - all types of beans - bush, pole and runner beans. Amaranth aka Pigweed, peas, spinach, thyme, tarragon, and marigolds. Other solanaceous crops, in moderation, such as tomato and pepper are compatible with eggplant. Herbs such as Tarragon, Oregano, Dill basil and thyme all contribute to the enhancement of eggplants. Catnip, Spinach and Radish can also be successfully planted with eggplant.

Growing Eggplant in a Drought Adequate moisture for eggplant is substantially lower than it is for other vegetables, in fact it should not be over watered as it is susceptible to root rot. Some varieties of eggplants fare better under drought conditions than others. Some have genetic traits acquired via breeding or natural selection that make them more successful in dry hot conditions.

Supporting Eggplant Plants. Eggplants do not need support or cages as much as tomatoes do, but they have been known to topple over from their own weight. Some varieties are more prone to this than others. Even small varieties such as the egg shaped or Asian miniatures which produce prolifically, will be stretched to the limit after a good season of growing. Supporting eggplants is a good idea that doesn't require a whole hell of a lot of labor.

Eggplant Seed Saving. Eggplant seed should not be saved from hybrid eggplants. Eggplant seeds should be gathered from over ripe fruits, even bordering on rotten. How to Collect and Store Eggplant Seeds.

Trouble Shooting Eggplant Problems

Eggplant Pest and Diseases Trouble Shooting eggplant in the garden. Pests, Plant Disease, Nutrient Deficiencies.

Blossom End Rot is caused by temporary insufficiency of water and calcium. The soil may have a calcium imbalance inhibiting the uptake of water. Adding limestone can help if the soil if the pH is below 6.0. It may also occur under high temperatures when the eggplants are rapidly growing. Recommended treatment Blossom-End Rot Control

Plant Nutrient Deficiencies Most garden plant issues arise from insect and disease problems, nutrient deficiencies should only be treated when the disease and insect possibilities have first been explored. So long as the soil is relatively fertile and a proper soil pH is maintained Nutrient deficiencies are generally not a major problem.

Eggplant Varieties

Eggplant Varieties. Eggplant Varieties suitable for Home Gardeners. Classic, Common, White Eggplant, Exotic Varieties. Heirloom and Hybrid Eggplants

White Eggplants - you might want to consider one of the egg shaped varieties. Some people say there is a taste difference - white eggplants being a bit milder and fruitier - personally I don't discriminate based on color and don't really see much of a difference in taste - so once you go black - sure you'll go back [and forth]. In the eggplant realm the whites are the minority, but a novel deviation.

Red Eggplant Varieties There's a lot of eggplants out there but red eggplants are a rarity. Many eggplants that bare the word 'red' or even pink appended to their names are simply violet versions of the common purple eggplants. True red eggplants are sometimes referred to as scarlet eggplants, they range in color from a pale scarlet to varying hues of pumpkin orange, tomato and even fire engine red.

Egg and Chips Plant is a novel deviation. It is a grafted plant that grows eggplants above the soils surface and Potatoes below the soil. The 'Egg and Chips' plant is not available outside of the UK as of yet.

Preparing Eggplant

Eggplant Recipes Seeds in Eggplant are responsible for the bitter taste that sometimes accompanies it when cooked. Male eggplants have fewer seeds than the female, they have a rounder, smoother blossom end or base. The blossom end of a female eggplant is generally indented. Smaller eggplant also have less seeds and are therefore less bitter than larger ones.

Eggplant stores poorly, use a perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator where it will keep only a few days. It may however be blanched or steamed then frozen for up to six months.

Eggplant as a Meat substitute. Eggplant serves a meat substitute because of its texture and bulkiness. It is very filling with virtually no fat ,it is packed with fiber when you leave the skin on, as well as vitamins such as vitamin C and K, folate, thiamine, and niacin. Eggplant also contains magnesium and potassium, unfortunately, by itself it has very little protein value.