Articles About Horseradish

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Growing and Caring for Horseradish, Varieties of Horseradish. Preparing and Preserving Horseradish.

Growing Horseradish

Tips and Techniques for Growing Horseradish

Horseradish is generally relegated to the never never land of the culinary realm. Fresh garden grown horseradish however has a unique burning zesty zingy taste that can clear your sinuses and redden the whites of your eyes. It's a very easily grown plant that thrives in most conditions.

Horseradish Companions. Horseradish root contains an oil similar to mustard oil called isothiocyanate. Present in some other plants in lower concentrations it exhibits mild antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Dividing Horseradish . When to take root and crown cuttings. Digging up the Horseradish Plant to create root cuttings that can be used to grow another plant. Planting the Root Cuttings. Create Crown cuttings or Divisions to replant.

Preparing and Preserving Horseradish

Horseradish Recipes and Storage

Fresh horseradish has a powerful burning spicy taste that can clear your sinuses and redden your eyes. It's similar to wasabi or Wasabi is similar to horseradish if you've ever tried it. The roots of horseradish are most commonly used, but the leaves are also useful and serve well is salads, pestos and assorted recipes. Horseradish roots or leaves aren't easy to find unless you're growing your own.

Basic Horseradish Sauce. This is the basic horseradish sauce found in the kosher sections of grocery stores. It is more of a spread than a sauce.

Creamy Horseradish Sauce. This is a simple blend and not written in stone. It can be altered to suit your taste. Flavors such as hot pepper, lime and even Dijon mustard instead of the spicy yellow are at times used with favorable results.

Horseradish Vinegar. Herbal vinegar's can be fashioned into attractive and useful kitchen decor. They look just swell stored on counter tops and cupboards when properly bottled. They make a tasty vinaigrette for salads , marinades for meats, sauces, sushi and so forth. Any recipe that calls for vinegar can be complimented with the correct herbal vinegar.