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Growing and Caring for Potato Plants, Varieties of Potatoes, Trouble Shooting Potato Plants.

Growing Potatoes

How to Grow Potatoes - Many varieties of potatoes, as well as sweet potatoes and yams can be grown in backyard vegetable gardens. Potatoes are aggressively rooting plants, and require full sun to grow. They will produce the best crop when planted in a light, loose, well-drained but moisture retentive soil.

Saving Seed Potatoes

In order to acquire seed potato you either have to purchase certified seed potato or save potatoes for replanting from the previous season. Purchasing seed potato is not as cost effective as the old school method of simply planting your own potato slips, so saving high quality specimens from your potato harvest is the best route to go.

Potato Plant Companions Good candidates to companion plant with potatoes include Onions, garlic and Alliums, Horseradish, beans, corn, cabbage and members of the cabbage family, dead nettle, flax, peas, marigold, comfrey, Sweet alyssum.

Hydroponic Potatoes. A common problem associated with growing potatoes hydroponically is that the endeavor almost always produces an abundance of relatively small tubers. The potatoes harvested rarely match the size of those grown 'au naturale', in a natural soil based environment. As well, the total weight of the harvest - irregardless of individual tuber size is generally less per plant than that grown in soil.

Potato Sizes. Grading Potatoes by Size - Jumbo down to The smallest C size.

Trouble Shooting Potato Plant Problems

Potato Plant Diseases. Even when you have done everything by the book, as in life , gardening still throws obstacles in your path. The following is a compendium of common problems encountered when growing potatoes.

Potato Leaf Roll Virus. Potatoes are subject to many plant diseases. One of the more common blights that affect the potato plants is potato leaf roll virus. Sap sucking insects are the catalyst that initiate and spread this disease, aphids in particular.

Fruit on Potato plants is not all that common, but it does occur. Why ? Don't eat the Potato fruits.

Are Green Potatoes Safe to Eat ? Solanine, in abundance is found in potato tubers that have been exposed to sunlight while growing, which is why you should never eat a potato that has been exposed prior to harvest for any length of time. The tell tale sign is a greenish tinge of the potato itself.

Plant Nutrient Deficiencies Most garden plant issues arise from insect and disease problems, nutrient deficiencies should only be treated when the disease and insect possibilities have first been explored. So long as the soil is relatively fertile and a proper soil pH is maintained Nutrient deficiencies are generally not a major problem.

Colorado Potato Beetle or Potato bug is a black and yellow-striped beetle, and is the most serious insect threat to potatoes. Both the adult beetle and larvae feed on potato leaves. Their feasting will greatly reduce potato yields and kill off plants. They also feed on tomato, ground cherry, eggplant, and pepper plants.

Potato Varieties

Potato Varieties. Potatoes can all categorized in 8 Different types. Russet Potatoes, Red Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Potatoes, Purple/Blue Potatoes, Fingerling Potatoes, Petite Potatoes, White Potatoes.

A Few examples of Various Potato Types

Russian Banana     Red Pontiac Potato

Yukon Gold Potato,     Magic Molly Potato

Kennebec Potatoes     Russet Burbank Potato