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Growing and Caring for Raspberries, Varieties of Raspberry, Trouble Shooting Raspberry Plants, Preparing and Preserving Raspberry.

Growing Raspberry


Raspberries, Blackberries, Boysenberries are diverse and delicious berries with a multitude of uses. They are high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and numerous minerals; the juice contains vitamin C; and the seeds contain vitamin E.

Growing Raspberries in Containers - Raspberries are not commonly planted in containers, but they can and do grow well and produce bountiful berries when properly planted and cared for.

Grow Raspberries from Seed - Raspberries are generally started from cuttings, transplants or root stock. Starting from seed is a tad more difficult but certainly far from impossible. The best time to start from seed is in early Autumn indoors. Starting indoors in the fall will allow the plants to reach a satisfactory level of maturity come spring when you will be either transplanting them into the garden or in some case pots and containers.

Starting Raspberries from Cuttings. Purchasing a raspberry plant that's already begun, such as a year old dormant plant to put out in the spring is the most common and easiest way to start Raspberry or Blackberry bushes. You can however start a new raspberry bush from a cutting or root division. Red Raspberries are best started from primocanes [see diagram] Black and purple raspberries do not respond well to cloning via stem cuttings and are best propagated via tip layering.

Hydroponic Raspberries. Raspberries are not good plants for a novice to grow hydroponically. That's not to say it can't be done - it can and has been done successfully. However, keep in mind that ...

Starting and Growing Fall Raspberries - In all but the coldest of regions hardy Raspberry nursery stock can be planted in the fall - in warmer zones in early winter, right until the ground freezes. The ground MUST be well mulched as an added winter protection, keep it well watered as well. Nursery Stock purchased late in the season can generally be gotten at a deep discount and many online sellers follow suit in discounting their inventory as the seasons end approaches.

Raspberry Companion Planting Companion Planting is the growing together of all those elements and beings that encourage life and growth; the creation of a microcosm that includes vegetables, fruits, trees, bushes, wheat, flowers, weeds, birds, soil, microorganisms, water, nutrients, insects, toads, spiders, and chickens." - John Jeavons

Blackberry vs Raspberry: What's The Difference? From a laymens point of view any aggregate fruits, which are commonly called a berry are Raspberries, thats a misconception. Blackberries which are not actually Raspberries are a distinct berry in their own right and Black Raspberries are not actually blackberries. Trying to tell the difference between the two can get you aggravated because they are both aggregated.

Raspberry Pests Occasionally, insects will overwhelm raspberry plantings - either destroying the plant entirely, or destroying your berries before you can harvest them.

Raspberry Varieties

A-Z List Edible Berries Includes listings of Raspberry, Blackberry and related aggregated berries.

Arctic Raspberry alias Nagoon berry or simply arctic berry is a Perennial Raspberry / bramble that grows in some pretty cold regions. It's range is not as far north as Cloud Berries, but it has other advantages. It is tediously slow growing but when mature it produces a dark red berry that is considered a delicacy in some areas. It grows well in Canada and the Northern USA and is quite popular in the Pacific Northwest, It also grows in Scandinavia and Northern Eurasia, the Russians call it the Princes Berry.

Cloud Berries are tart and juicy and not commonly cultivated, although they can be, they generally grow wild. The berries are similar in appearance to Raspberries but are a tad smaller and salmon colored. They are also called yellowberry, knotberry, baked apple berry, averin berry by the Scots, Norwegian Berry in Norway and Salmon Berries in other places.

Preparing and Preserving Raspberries

Preserving Raspberries. Preserving Raspberries - Techniques and Recipes. Preserving Raspberries by Freezing, liquifying, Freezing sugared Raspberries, Dehydrating and Drying, Simple Recipes for Raspberry Preserves such as Peach Raspberry Jam and Raspberry Cherry Preserves.

Raspberry Ice Cream Recipe Fresh Raspberries, Sugar, Milk and a little dilligence andyou have the best Raspberry Ice Cream you'll ever taste.

Raspberry Wine Recipe - This is a very basic and general recipe, presented in a format that novices will have little trouble with. Those who are already seasoned winemakers are well aware that sugar and acid contents vary significantly in any fruits due to variables such as location, cultivar, and climate. Keep your hydrometer hydrometer for wine making and acid tester on hand as you may have to make adjustments.