How to Braid and Make Garlic Ropes

Braids of ripe garlic bulbs hanging from a tree branch.

Your garlic is ready!? Cool ! Once you harvest all the garlic you’ll need to store it, there are of course methods of pickling such as Spicy Pickled Garlic They can also be dry stored in bunches, braiding them together is not only an age old method but also an aesthetically pleasing one. Cloves of garlic … Read more

Sprouting Garlic for Spring Planting

Garlic bulbs sprouting in a bowl of water.

In order to grow the biggest and most flavorful cloves, garlic should be planted in the fall and harvested in the summer. But if you missed the fall planting season, there’s no need to worry. Here is an easy shortcut for sprouting garlic cloves in time for spring. All you need is a bowl, some water, and a sunny window!

Learn to Use Wood Ash as Fertilizer and Compost

Close up of a garden trowel being used to spread ash between rows of lettuce seedlings.

Wood Ash Minerals and Trace elements enhance Plant Health and Growth Wood ash is a good source of lime and potassium for your garden as well as many other trace elements that benefit plants. It is best used in moderation, scattered lightly and well mixed into your compost. Wood ash produces salts and lye and … Read more

How to Measure and Adjust pH in Garden Soil

A soil pH meter is used to check the ph level of soil in grow bags.

The pH refers to the amount of hydrogen ions present in soil, and lets gardeners know just how acidic or alkaline their garden is. While some plants thrive in a certain type of soil, they all have a preferred pH range. Learn how to test and adjust your soil, then use our pH range chart to plant gardens that thrive!

How to Plant and Grow Tiger Melons

Close up of a Tiger or Tigger melon.

Tiger Melon, aka Tigger Melon, an heirloom melon, similar to honey Dew in taste, also related to canary melons. Yellow and orange tiger stripes are believed to be its name source. The plants are reminiscent of other melons such as muskmelon or cantaloupe, but the fruit ripens later in the growing season than related varieties, … Read more

Benefits of Toads and Frogs in the Garden

A toad crawls among succulents in a rock garden.

The Case for Having Frogs and Toads in the Garden Frogs and toads are amphibious hopping, croaking bug-eating critters that are of great value to any yard or garden. Frogs have smooth, sometimes slimy skin that is near the green and yellow-green area of the color spectrum. Toads have bumpy dry skin and are generally … Read more

Growing Easter Egg Plant (Solanum Ovigerum)

White, round, easter eggplant with green leaves

Not many people have probably heard of an easter egg plant before. Those who have are usually intrigued by the name. So what is an easter eggplant? An easter eggplant, also known as an ornamental egg plant, is a type of eggplant. The plant produces egg-shaped fruits that start white but then grow into a … Read more

Pink Root Onion Disease: What is it and How to Prevent It

Close up of a red onion bulb infected with pink root onion disease.

What is Pink Root? Onion Pink Root is where leaves die back from tips, and roots turn pale pink, sometimes light red and purple. Stunted Growth. Pink root is a fungal disease (Phoma terrestris) that attacks alliums such as onions, garlic and leeks. Grass and grain plants are at times carriers but are not as severely affected. … Read more