Cajun Creole Eggplant Recipes

Cajun and Creole dishes are very much alike, the main difference is the people behind these culinary styles. The Creole people were descendants of French colonists in Louisiana, primarily in New Orleans. As populations intermingled, the French and Spanish ruling class of New Orleans became associated with the designation ‘Creole’. Over time Creole expanded to … Read more

Pink Spires Crab Apples – Plant and Crop Profile

Pink Spires Crab Apple Plant Profile Pink Spires reaches 12 to 15 feet. It’s a Columnar Fruit Tree that grows very narrow and upright, making it an awesome addition to a patio or confined yard space. Spring Flowers are rosy pink and appear earlier than most varieties. Purplish red fruit is ripe by early September … Read more

Wine Presses Small Batch

Presses for Small Batch Wine Making Wine Presses for Small Batch Wine Making. Do you really need a wine press for small batches of home made wine ? Of course you don’t, few home vintners use one. There are so many other methods of extracting juice from your fruits. Would you like one ? Of … Read more

Purple Sweet Potatoes

Purple Sweet Potatoes are a recent addition to the North American Gardening realm. According to the LA Times, a sweet potato farmer in the Carolina’s received some as a gift, and began growing them. They were later patented as Stokes Purple Sweet Potato. However, they had been growing in the pacific region where they are … Read more

Asian Plum Sauce Recipe

Plum sauce is a sweet and sour condiment used as a dip in Chinese cuisine or as a glaze for meats such as roast duck. It is made from sweet plums melded with other fruits, in this case peaches, along with sugar, vinegar, salt, ginger and peppers. Ingredients 3 lbs. Plums, pitted and chopped2 lbs … Read more

Hydrogel Water Crystals for Gardening

Hydrogels were originally used for baby diapers and some wound dressings to absorb surplus liquids. Superabsorbent, disposable diapers contain minute crystals in the lining which manufacturers claim are made out of a nontoxic highly absorbent polymer that absorbs moisture away from the baby’s bottom. They are basically highly absorbent tiny sponges. Like any new product … Read more