Tiger Melon: How to Plant and Grow Tiger Melons

Tiger Melon, aka Tigger Melon, an heirloom melon, similar to honey Dew in taste, also related to canary melons. Yellow and orange tiger stripes are believed to be its name source. The plants are reminiscent of other melons such as muskmelon or cantaloupe, but the fruit ripens later in the growing season than related varieties, … Read more

Benefits of Toads and Frogs in the Garden

The Case for Having Frogs and Toads in the Garden Frogs and toads are amphibious hopping, croaking bug-eating critters that are of great value to any yard or garden. Frogs have smooth, sometimes slimy skin that is near the green and yellow-green area of the color spectrum. Toads have bumpy dry skin and are generally … Read more

Pink Root Onion Disease: What is it and How to Prevent It

What is Pink Root? Onion Pink Root is where leaves die back from tips, and roots turn pale pink, sometimes light red and purple. Stunted Growth. Pink root is a fungal disease [Phoma terrestris] that attacks alliums such as onions, garlic and leeks. Grass and grain plants are at times carriers but are not as severely affected. … Read more

How to Preserve Hot Peppers: 4 Methods

Learn how to preserve hot peppers with these 4 easy methods. Using these preserving methods will help ensure that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor for months to come. Here are the 4 methods we discuss: Freezing Drying Dehydrating Drying Whole Peppers Oven Drying Preserving Peppers 1. How to Freeze Peppers Hot … Read more

Banana Melon: How to Grow Banana Melons from Seeds

The banana melon has the appearance of a really big banana but it’s actually a muskmelon, a sister of cantaloupe, and cousin of cucumber. It not only looks like a banana but also has a hint of banana taste coupled with cantaloupe, as well as a hint of banana aroma. It has a salmon-colored flesh, … Read more

How to Grow Capers and What Do They Look Like?

What Are Capers? Capers are somewhat of a delicacy. They are the flower buds of the plant Capparis spinosa or caper bush. It is a perennial plant that produces not only the tasty little caper but also caper berries. Caper berries are oval off green fruits about the size of an olive and used in … Read more

Why Are My Watermelons So Small and Not Growing?

Watermelons Not Growing Every now and again you’ll plant watermelons and yes you do get melon, but they’re squeamishly small and stunted. There are a number of reasons watermelons fail to grow to their anticipated size and at times even fail to ripen at all. Here we discuss a variety of factors causing small watermelons. … Read more

Can I Use Coffee Grinds as Fertilizer?

Coffee grounds were once thought to be good only for acid-loving plants, such as tomatoes, blueberries, and some fruit trees. However, a study conducted by Wood’s End Research Laboratory in Maine found that when mixed with other yard waste .. compost … the ph was neutralized. So basically raw straight coffee grinds are not a great idea, … Read more

How to Grow Crenshaw Melons

Planting and Caring for Crenshaw Melons Crenshaw melons are related more closely to the cantaloupe family and have similar flesh coloration and flavor. They are however much sweeter than cantaloupe when permitted to fully mature. To be considered fully mature they should have been left on the vine long enough to acquire a yellow tinge … Read more