Goji Berry Wine Recipe

This Recipe calls for dried Goji Berries. Although if you access to fresh ones, don’t use them here as it will drastically alter ratios ….. Ingredients 2 pounds Dried Goji Berries 1 lb Raisins Water 1.5 lbs. sugar 1 Pkg. Wine Yeast 2 Campden Tablets or 1/4 Teaspoon Potassium Bisulfite 1 teaspoon tannin 1 teaspoon … Read more

Lingonberry Jam and Sweet Preserces

Lingonberry is not well known in North America, it is a Scandanavian delight. Lingonberry, sometimes called Mountain cranberry, cowberry or foxberry is related to cranberries and blueberries.Lingonberry however is indigenous to some of the coldest regions on Earth. It is a semi evergreen and retains its green luster all winter long. Ingredients 3 cups Lingonberries … Read more