Do Sunflowers make Cucumbers Sweeter?

Interplanting Cucumbers and Sunflower ‘Cucumbers are sweeter when planted with sunflowers’, that’s what I kept hearing. I could find no scientific validity to this old wives tale so I decided to try it for myself a few years back. Lo and behold I’ll be darned if it didn’t work. Perhaps it was coincidence, perhaps just … Read more

Thai Kermit Eggplant

Thai Kermit Eggplant Plant Profile Thai Kermit Eggplant is an hybird version of Thai round eggplant. Thai Kermit resembles a green and white ping pong ball. Sometimes called bitter ball or garden egg. It has a green and white variegated skin and the fruit, when eaten young has an excellent flavor either fresh or cooked. … Read more

Nutrient Solution Temperatures

Optimal TemperaturesMonitoring and adjusting Hot and Cold solutions. Even if everything in your Hydroponic setup is in perfect synch. Your Nutrients are perfectly proportioned, EC, TDS, pH are all in correct parameters, your plants are receiving the optimal amount of light, your airflow and C02 are in the Goldilocks zone, just right, and the air … Read more

How To Grow Hydroponic Herbs

Herbs are becoming increasingly popular, as is Hydroponics. Most herbs are easily adaptable to a hydroponic scenario. You do of course realize that I’m talking about edible herb – not that smokeable stuff , right ? Now that we are on the same page – edible herbs for hydroponics. Hydroponic Herbs not only grow faster, … Read more

Aquaponic Lettuce

The easiest and most successful plants to grow aquaponically are green leafy vegetables and herbs. They generally have lower and less tedious nutrient requirements. Lettuce is a very common crop that meets this description. It lends itself well to an aquaponic scenario and is in high demand, it is an ingredient in most salads and … Read more

Hydroponics Ventilation

Ventilation, Humidity Control, and CO2 In small, enclosed area such as closets and home made grow rooms , a small household fan should meet your criteria. In large areas, open rooms and especially basements , an industrial-strength fan or array of fans will be to provide adequate ventilation. Significantly larger areas require a larger array … Read more

Do it Yourself Hydroponic Bucket System

A very inexpensive, basic, easy and popular hydroponic system is the bucket system. It is easily made using 5 gallon buckets, mesh pots, assorted fittings and a little ingenuity. It can be designed for fairly maintenance free automation. You’ll need… Food grade buckets are best, but you can also use the ones you buy at … Read more

Hydroponic Drip Systems. Simple DIY systems to set up.

There are two basic types of hydroponic drip systems, Non-recirculating and recirculating [recovery drip systems]. Of course there are many variations of each type but theses are the 2 basic ones. The recirculating drip system reuses the nutrient solution. It is collected in a small reservoir and recirculated back over the media. Recirculating systems are … Read more