Tomatillos Not Filling Husk: 5 Causes and How to Prevent

Why does my tomatillo have an empty husk? Tomatillos are a tantalizing addition to any vegetable garden, when mother nature smiles upon us and all goes well bountiful harvests are not uncommon. Disappointment however is a distinct possibility, at times when we peel open the outer husks to our tomatillos there is no fruit inside. … Read more

Planting and Growing Great Northern White Beans

Great Northern White beans are an American heirloom hailing from the Dakotas. The plants will generally reach 2 feet tall, producing pods containing up to 6 seeds each. The beans by themselves are close to tasteless but will absorb the flavors of what they are cooked with and add bulk and texture to many dishes. … Read more

Magnets & Plants | Do Magnets Help Plants Grow?

There is some evidence that magnets can actually enhance the growth and yield of many plants. There are several ways exposure to magnetic fields may affect plant development. Sunlight, water and nutrients are the 3 primary requirements of plant development. Magnets will not help much with sunlight, but they can help with the uptake of … Read more

Is Azomite Good for Plants?

Are you interested in taking your gardening or landscaping to the next level? If so, perhaps you have considered Azomite. Azomite is mined in the Utah desert from the ruins of an ancient volcanic eruption. It is a natural mineral product.  What makes Azomite unique is that it’s versatile as both an organic fertilizer and … Read more

What is The Best Fill Dirt For Drainage?

Fill dirt refers to the layer of subsoil immediately beneath the topsoil. There are many different fill dirt varieties, which can contain pebbles, sand, and rocks. Fill dirt should not contain any organic material, which can cause the soil to settle over time.  Most often generated during large construction projects, fill dirt is versatile and … Read more

How to Grow Samphire AKA Sea Asparagus from Seeds

The British called this plant Glasswort and the French called it Samphire. The French name is the most commonly used today along with sea asparagus and sea pickle. There are two versions: Marsh samphire and Rock Samphire. Rock Samphire is fairly rare and not easy to find. Marsh samphire, the most common, grows wild along … Read more

Find These 6 Types of Pumpkins in South Africa

Pumpkins are an edible and decorative fruit that’s a staple of South African agriculture. There are various types of pumpkin in South Africa, ranging from mild to sweet, small to large, and short to long-term storage qualities. According to a study run by Indexbox, pumpkin consumption in South Africa has been increasing and is expected … Read more

How to Grow Chickpeas – Garbanzo Beans

Planting Guide for Chick Peas Chickpea or garbanzo beans are a cool-season annual plant that requires about 90 – 100 days of warm weather to mature to harvest. They can be directly seeded outdoors immediately following the average last spring frost date. You can also start them indoors in peat pots a few weeks prior … Read more

5 Indoor Greenhouse Options for Your Apartment

An image of plants growing indoors. Text reads 5 indoor greenhouse options for your apartment.

If you’re ready to fill your home with plants, but you feel unsure if the growing conditions are right in your space, it’s worth considering an indoor greenhouse for your apartment.  Greenhouses come in all shapes and feature a wide selection of materials so you can find the right one for your needs that also … Read more