Planting Basil in Mid Summer

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Late Planting of Basil

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It's not too late to plant Basil in most regions. In New England, the Mid Atlantic States, The Southerns States and Gulf Coast Basil can still be planted in July through early August.

Basil germinates in 6 to 14 days and reaches maturity in 55 to 75 Days so in most regions so long as you have another 70 to 75 days left before the first possible killer frost and you want some basil - go for it !

If you already have some basil, but want more starting new basil plants from cuttings or shoots is simple. Cloning basil is a good way to keep your basil supply regenerating.

Moving it indoors as cold weather approaches is most certainly an option. Basil can also be started indoors year round. If starting plants indoors, adequate heat and moisture is advisable as this a semi tropical plant and will not produce well in cooler weather.

Growing Basil In Containers

Growing basil in containers, especially plants you intend to bring indoors at some point is a nifty idea. This plant needs to be spaced properly, it needs good air circulation as it is prone to assorted fungal issues which ventilation and air circulation will ward off. Large leafed varieties, should be about 1.5 feet apart and small leafed varieties about 1 foot apart - basically follow the seed package directions as there are many varieties.

It also requires a lot of moisture, but not to the point where it will be sitting in wet soggy soil, so a pot with good drainage is necessary. I like to put some sterile tree bark on the soils surface, it acts as an organic mulch and helps retain moisture. If you do not have access to or simply do not want to be bothered sterilizing tree bark some pebbles will suffice.

High quality potting soil is common sense, especially with a delicate herb such as Basil. High quality potting soil holds moisture and is well aerated as well, it is fluffy. This gives plant roots a good balance of anchorage, air and moisture while allowing the plant to absorb nutrients from it. If the potting mix is not airy or too wet, plant roots do poorly and sometimes die.