Black Tartarian Cherry

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Black Tartarian Cherry, Tree and Fruit

Black Tartarian Cherry is a deep red to nearly black in color. They are thick skinned, heart-shaped and relatively large in size, not the largest around but big enough to fill your mouth with a fruity burst of purple juice. The deep rich color is more than skin deep and its flesh is dark, with a firm, crisp texture. Beneath the flesh lies the stone / pit that pulls easily from the flesh. One of the more popular sweet cherries for home orchards.The cherries are suitable for fresh eating, cooking and preserves.

Commonly used as a pollinator for similar dark sweet cherries. Many nurserymen consider it the best pollinator for other sweet black cherry varieties. It also needs another compatible variety for pollination. Black Republican, Bing, Cavalier, Montmorency, and Ranier are suitable pollinators for Black Tartarian. Pollinators should be planted with 50 ft for best results.

Moisture: Keep it well watered, don't drown it but be aware that Black Tartarian flowers will drop if it does not get enough water, if the flowers drop you ain't getting any fruit that season.

Hardy in zones 4 to 7 Marginal in 8 and 9 but may not bear every year if not enough chill hours

Chill Hours 800 to 900 MINIMUM chill hours to bear fruit
Mature Height 12-18 ft. Dwarf - Up to 30 ft. Standard
Mature Spread 10-12 ft. Dwarf - Avg 20 ft Standard
Soil Type Well drained
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Moderate
BloomTime April
Bloom Color White
Fruiting Time Minimum 3, but up to 7
Fruit Color: Red / Red-Purple
Fruit ripens June to Early July
Fruit Size 1 inch diameter avg. Slightly smaller than Bing
Fruit Taste Sweet and intense
Fruit Yield is above average , 40 to 80 lbs from a well maintained mature tree

Disease: Fair Resistance to most common issues Bacterial Canker and Black Knot are not unheard of.

Pests: Japanese Beetles love these trees, expect to host a few. Cherry Fruit worm can also be a nuisance as are aphids, spider mites and Western cherry fruit fly in some areas.