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Bread-and-butter pickles are not as tart as Dill Pickles. They have a a higher concentration of sugars added to the brine. Cucumbers or other vegetable to be used for bread and butters are generally sliced before being pickled.


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  • Basic Bread and Butter Pickles

    6 lbs of 4 to 5 inch Pickling cucumbers

    7 cups thinly sliced onions

    l/2 cup pickling salt

    4 cups vinegar

    4-l/2 cups sugar

    2 tbsp mustard seed

    l-l/2 tbsp celery seed

    l tbsp ground turmeric

    Bread Butter Pickles Mason Jar



    Wash cucumbers and Cut a smidgen off the blossom end, about l/l6 of an inch

    Cut the remaining cucumber into thin slices.

    Combine cucumbers and onions in a large bowl and add salt. Cover with 2 inches crushed or cubed ice.

    Refrigerate 3 to 4 hours, adding more ice as needed.

    Combine remaining ingredients in a large pot, Boil l0 minutes. Drain and add cucumbers and onions and slowly reheat to boiling.

    Fill Jars with sliced cucumber and brine you just made, leaving l/2-inch head-space. Adjust lids and Process pints or quarts l0 minutes in a boiling water canner.

    After processing and cooling, jars should be stored 4 to 5 weeks to develop ideal flavor.

    Spicy Bread-and-Butter Pickles

    2 lbs cucumbers, washed &thinly sliced

    2 large white onions, thin wedges

    2 tablespoons salt

    5 cups sugar

    1.5 cups white wine vinegar

    1 tablespoon mustard seeds

    1 teaspoon turmeric

    1/4 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

    Combine cucumbers, onion and salt in a bowl. Add enough water to cover. Let stand 2 hours. Drain thoroughly on paper towels.

    Place sugar, vinegar, mustard seeds, turmeric and cayenne pepper in a large heavy based pan.Cook and stir over medium heat until sugar has dissolved.

    Add cucumber and onion mixture. Cover, reduce heat and cook gently for 10 minutes stirring occasionally until cucumbers are transparent then Remove from the heat and allow to cool for 15 minutes.

    Spoon into sterilized Jars and seal. Allow to stand for 1 week before using.

    Sweet-Heart Bread-and-Butter Pickles

    3-quarts sliced cucumbers

    2-cups sliced onions

    2/3-cup diced sweet green pepper

    1/2-cup diced red pepper

    Brine (1/2-cup salt to 6-cups water)

          6-cups white vinegar

         3-cups granulated sugar

         1-1/2 tsp turmeric

         1/2-tsp mustard seed

         1/2-tsp celery salt

    Cover vegetables with brine of 1/2-cup salt to 6-cups water and let stand for 3 hours, then drain and rinse them.

    Combine vinegar, sugar, spices. Boil 4-7 minutes, a strong rolling boil. Place vegetables in sterilized jars, Pour hot syrup over vegetables, filling them to overflowing. Seal and Label

    Refrigerator Bread-and-Butter Pickles

    2 large cucumbers-sliced thin

    1 med. onion- sliced thin

    1/2 cup vinegar

    1/2 cup sugar

    1/2 tsp salt

    1/2 tsp mustard seed

    1/2 tsp celery seed

    1 tsp turmeric

    Mix vinegar, sugar and spices in a microwavable bowl with a lid, until sugar is dissolved.

    Add onion and cucumbers - Stir and cover. Microwave on high for 7 minutes.

    Put pickles in Jars and store in fridge for up to 2 months. Makes 2 pints.

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