Can You Eat Split Tomatoes? Are They Safe to Eat?

Tomatoes splitting on the vine is a common problem. Split Tomatoes are generally caused by overwatering, cracked tomatoes are usually caused by under-watering. Yes, there is a difference between split and cracked but it is irrelevant to the current topic.

How do you mend a broken heart or a broken tomato for that matter? You cant sew the tomato back together and it’s not going to fix itself, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to discard it.

Close up of a cracked and split red tomato hanging from the vine.

Minor wounds will sometimes be grown over as the fruit matures, the rest of the tomato will sometimes envelop it with little or no harm discernible.

Deeper cracks however are commonly attacked by insects as well as being highly susceptible to fungus and assorted bacterial pathogens.

Are Split or Cracked Tomatoes Safe to Eat?

If there is any sign of infestation on the Tomato get rid of it. If it looks like a fungus issue does not put it in the compost as the fungus may find the rest of your compost hospitable and reoccur next season.

If the damage is minor eating split tomatoes is okay. It’s a good idea to pick these tomatoes as soon you notice the damage, ripe or not.

Cut out the damaged section and put it to good use. I wouldn’t advise using split tomatoes for any canning endeavors.

A tomato on the vine that is starting to show signs of getting ready to split should be harvested. Allowing it to ripen on the windowsill is a good idea.

Leaving it on the vine will only make the tomato worse for wear and hasten the damage.

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