Fake Baby Carrots

Chemically Treated Shaved Carrots

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Mike Yurosek baby carrot inventor

Miniature carrots, baby carrots whatever moniker you choose to attatch to them, are a popular and usually healthy snack not only for bugs bunny but you and your kids as well.

They're a convenient size for lunch boxes or salads, they're sweet and pleasant tasting for a veggie.

Unfortunately, many of the supermarket 'baby carrots' you buy are not really baby carrots at all, they're simply shaved carrots and if you read the package they are labeled as Baby CUT Carrots. These 'shaved carrots' were the brain storm of Mike Yurosek, a California carrot farmer who is credited with 'inventing' them. The carrot industry was marginal and many producers were struggling just to break even. Grocers would only sell carrots that had visual appeal, they had to be long slender and without deformities. Anyone who has ever grown carrots knows that this is only the case with a relatively small percentage of the harvest. Most carrots that didn't meet this criteria were discarded - what a waste.

Yurosek came up with the idea of shaving and milling imperfect carrots and marketing them as 'baby carrots', they are actually 'baby cuts'. This helped to eliminate waste and maximize profits for carrot farmers large and small. As the practice spread and the new shaved carrots masquerading as baby carrot gained in popularity commercial marketeers of this new produce came up with more ways to maximize efficiency.

carrots chlorine

In order to increase shelf life of their product they began treating the carrots with preservatives and chemicals, Bleach / Chlorine is the Industry standard. You may notice that shaved carrots and other produce that have been in your refrigerator for several days will emit a white coating. This is the chlorine resurfacing. In addition to chlorine, a known carcinogen, imported carrots are suspected of being dowsed in God knows what. Today, baby [cut] carrots are among the most popular produce in supermarkets.

Commercially grown baby carrots are tightly planted, spaced much closer together than traditional carrots. They are harvested in a fairly short time and shipped to processing facilities to be cut, milled and peeled. Before being packed in their convenient little consumer size bags they are bathed and scrubbed in a chlorine bath. Carrots labeled as organic are no exception to this practice.

'Ashley Bade, a nutritionist and founder of Honest Mom Nutrition, says the chlorine bath is a standard practice in many pre-cut food items. 'The chlorine-water solution is a needed step in the process to limit the risk of food-borne illnesses such as E.coli,' she says.' [1]

Now before you go getting your panties in a bunch you should be aware that nearly all produce bound for supermarket shelves receives the same treatment. Carrots, lettuce, string beans --- you name it and all are within parameters approved by the FDA. They're from the Government and they're here to help - right ? HMmmmmm

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