Mushroom Growing Kits That Are Great for Beginners

A picture of mushrooms on wood planks. Text reads 5 mushroom growing kits great for beginners.

Mushroom growing kits not only bring a source of endless fascination, but they can also put a delicious meal on the table in the right circumstances. The edible mushroom enthusiast can find a mushroom kit suited to the most amateur of operations from oyster mushrooms to shiitakes. In this article, we’ll go over some of … Read more Mushroom Growing Kits That Are Great for Beginners

Fluorescent Lighting for Indoor Gardening

Fluorescent Lights vs. Other Horticultural and Standard Lighting Fluorescent Lights are up to 7 times more energy efficient than incandescent, they use substantially less energy and operate cooler than metal halide or HPS grow lights. Fluorescent Lamps are also available in a wide spectrum range. Fluorescent lights are a popular choice among small gardeners due … Read more Fluorescent Lighting for Indoor Gardening

Raised Beds For Vegetable Gardens

Raised beds for vegetable Gardens are easily built and maintained and have a number of advantages. 1. Raised beds will drain away excessive moisture more efficiently than ordinary gardens.Raised beds drain faster, so water regularly. Since there is less soil mass to provide food for the plants, fertilize regularly. Mulch with organic materials such as bark or … Read more Raised Beds For Vegetable Gardens

Grow Tangerine Trees Indoors

What are Tangerines, Best Types and Basic Requirements Tangerines are one of several types of mandarins. The name tangerine is not frequently used outside of North America. Portuguese mariners returning from Southeast Asia are credited with introducing mandarins through Tangiers, Morocco, hence they became known as Tangierines or tangerines. The tangerine is a small yellowish … Read more Grow Tangerine Trees Indoors

Grow Mandarin Orange Trees Indoors

Mandarin oranges are not actually the same species as Oranges. They are citrus , of which tangerines are one variety. Other varieties include Satsuma a seedless variety – over 200 cultivars Clementine a hybrid between a Mandarin and a sweet orange Tangerine and Tangelo Temple Orange, also called tangor, cross between Mandarin and common sweet orange Rare Fruits … Read more Grow Mandarin Orange Trees Indoors