Indoor Banana Growers Guide

Bananas have a lush foliage that will lend a tropical atmosphere to your home in any season. Growing bananas indoors is not difficult and many of the miniature cultivars do not consume a tremendous amount of space. Maintaining Banana plants is not particularly difficult or time consuming either. Bananas are perennials, related to herbs more … Read more

Growing Corn in Containers

Zea Mays     Zones: 3-11     Full Sun     Soil pH 5.5 – 7.0 Fresh home grown sweet corn, straight off the stalk is undeniably the best you’ll ever taste. Utilizing simple time-tested techniques, you can use a limited garden space effectively to grow an abundance of this classic American staple crop. Anything can be grown in a container and corn, … Read more

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Potted Tomatoes Tomatoes grown in containers can actually be easier to grow than those grown in a conventional garden. There are some very simple guidelines that should be adhered to in order to ensure success. Containers Needless to say Good drainage holes should be in every pot you plant in. Pot Size: Size Matters – … Read more

Strawberry Container Gardens

Fragaria ananassa Soil pH: 5.5 to 6.5 USDA Zones: 3-11 Sunlight: Full Sun Strawberries will lend themselves readily to container gardening. They don’t require tremendous amounts of open space and their roots are relatively shallow. They can thrive in smaller containers. Pots and planters situated on a balcony or deck will suffice. Growing in containers … Read more

Potted Raspberries

Potted Raspberries Raspberries Grown in Containers Raspberries are not commonly planted in containers, but they can and do grow well and produce bountiful berries when properly planted and cared for.  Suitable Containers Any container you choose should have ample drainage holes, Raspberries require good soil aeration and are very susceptible to root rots, so can … Read more

Self Watering Containers – sub-irrigated planters

It has been demonstrated that plants grow better in self-watering containers as opposed to traditional containers. In many cases, under proper care, they will also outperform vegetables grown in a traditional backyard garden. This is due in part to a principal known as “transpirational pull”. “Transpirational pull is the main phenomenon driving the flow of … Read more

Container Garden Ideas

Most plants will grow in a container, Some varieties fare better than others. Container gardening gives you the ability to transport your garden from place to place for optimal sunlight, or move it indoors under adverse weather conditions. You can elevate your garden to a comfortable working height, no need for knee pads. And you … Read more

Sunflowers – Grow Sunflowers luv2garden

The sunflower is a member of one of the largest families of flowering plants – Compositae. The sunflower family has over 20,000 distinct species. The Compositae encompass a diverse array of species that includes perennials and annuals. Other members of the same plant family include marigolds, dandelions and daisies. In the home garden the sunflower … Read more