Dish Gardens bring Gardening indoors for the Winter

There’s no reason you should stop growing just because your garden did.  Winter is a time for dormancy in traditional gardens but indoor gardening is a way to hold onto the sunshne and greenery till spring. Arranging plants, edibles and ornamentals in small pots and dishes can be an enjoyable indoor alternative at the end … Read more Dish Gardens bring Gardening indoors for the Winter

Sunflowers – Grow Sunflowers luv2garden

The sunflower is a member of one of the largest families of flowering plants – Compositae. The sunflower family has over 20,000 distinct species. The Compositae encompass a diverse array of species that includes perennials and annuals. Other members of the same plant family include marigolds, dandelions and daisies. In the home garden the sunflower … Read more Sunflowers – Grow Sunflowers luv2garden