13 Edible Prickly Pear Varieties and Taste Profile

Are prickly pears edible? What do they taste like? Below you will find a list of prickly pears and what to expect when it comes to taste. There are dozens of species of Prickly Pear that fall under the scientific classification ‘Opuntia‘. They produce a tasty edible fruit commonly known as Prickly Pears. There are … Read more

Grow Prickly Pear Cactus

Cactus pears also known as Prickly pear cactus are native to the American Southwest, primarily the Sonora Desert. The fruit is quite tasty and surprisingly juicy. The average cactus pear weighs around 4 Ounces, most of that 4 oz. is dietary fiber and water which is ideal for reducing cholesterol levels, it also boasts a … Read more

Growing Barrel Cactus

Some Barrel cactus can grow as tall as 9 – 10 feet. They are ribbed and covered in dense prickly spine clusters. In spring they develop a flowering crown, colors vary from yellows to reds. The flowering crowns develop into small oval fruits with a pinkish yellow exterior. Their edible interior flesh is a seed … Read more