Pink Root Onion Disease: What is it and How to Prevent It

What is Pink Root? Onion Pink Root is where leaves die back from tips, and roots turn pale pink, sometimes light red and purple. Stunted Growth. Pink root is a fungal disease [Phoma terrestris] that attacks alliums such as onions,¬†garlic¬†and leeks. Grass and grain plants are at times carriers but are not as severely affected. … Read more

Why Are My Watermelons So Small and Not Growing?

Watermelons Not Growing Every now and again you’ll plant watermelons and yes you do get melon, but they’re squeamishly small and stunted. There are a number of reasons watermelons fail to grow to their anticipated size and at times even fail to ripen at all. Here we discuss a variety of factors causing small watermelons. … Read more

Common Pepper Plant Diseases and Treatments

Fungus related diseases are the most common in Pepper plants. Plants generally display discoloration, spots, and poor growth. Pepper leaves may yellow and drop off. Many of these diseases of pepper plants can be prevented by: Planting disease-resistant varieties Rotating vegetable crops every other year Implementing proper watering and cultivation techniques. Keeping the area free of … Read more

How to Dry Ground Cherries

Ground Cherries are siblings to tomatillos and cape gooseberries, and cousins of tomatoes. If you’ve grown them in the past you are well aware that under the correct conditions and tutelage from you, a bumper crop is easily obtained. I like eating them raw just as they are, or in salads, but at times there … Read more

Why Corn Stalks and Leaves Turn Red and How to Prevent It

Corn plants will sometimes turn red to reddish-purple, generally later in the season. That’s not something you really want to see when you’re anticipating roasting or boiling some juicy ears of sweet corn. The redness is indicative of a sugar accumulation in the leaves and stalks which results from too few kernels being developed on … Read more

Using Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) As a Fungicide and Insecticide

Sodium Bicarbonate, commonly known as Baking Soda works well as an efficient and cost effective fungicide and insecticide. It is actually registered with the EPA for use against certain plant fungi, powdery mildew. Sprinkled near the base of plants it will kill and or deter slugs and cutworms, it is also useful against roaches and … Read more

Watermelon Splitting: What Causes a Watermelon to Split?

Melon Varieties Prone to Splitting Some thin-skinned watermelon varieties are prone to splitting and cracking. They are sometimes dubbed ‘exploding melons’ for this very reason. Thin rind varieties are infamous for this and tend to split more often on the vine. But even Thick Rind varieties can at times burst or split. Thin rind varieties … Read more

Edema (Oedema) Disease in Plants | Identification, Symptoms, and Cures

What is Edema and What Causes it? Edema, also known as Oedema, is [caused by] an irregular, abnormal, excessive water retention by plants. It is generally the result of environmental factors, such as heavy rains and wet weather sometimes coupled with over -watering by over-attentive gardeners. The plants basically become bloated and gorged with moisture. … Read more