Potato Plant Problems

Troubleshooting Potato Plants Potato gardening can be rewarding and successful. Plant potatoes in early spring after the final frost date has passed. Using disease-free seed potatoes will eliminate many potential problems. Even when you have done everything by the book, as in life , gardening still throws obstacles in your path. The following is a … Read more

Radishes Fail to Form

We grow radishes primarily for their roots, some people also use the greens. When the bulbous subterranean tap root we know as a radish fails to form than obviously there’s an issue. Radishes are one of the easiest grown crops around, but even they have problems from time to time. The problem is rarely with … Read more

Artichoke Pest and Disease Problems

Grey Mold Also known as Botrytis rot (Botrytis cinerea). The fungus that causes gray mold invades the plant and flower bracts that have been damaged by slugs ,frost, insects, or other factors. Infected plants turn brown on the outside. On the inner surface is the characteristic gray growth. The fungus survives on decaying organic matter. … Read more

Cucumber Plant Diseases

Cucumber Mosaic Virus Cucumber Mosaic causes mottled dark and light green, crinkled leaves. The disease is more noticeable on young leaves. Old leaves have V shaped dead areas extending from the leaf margins to the middle vein. The cucumbers are mottled, warty and misshapen. Cucumber Mosaic is favored by poor weed control, as many weeds … Read more

3 Causes for Cucumbers Turning White and How to Prevent It

If you planted standard green cucumbers and they turn white instead you have a problem. There are several reasons cucumbers will turn white, the worst case scenario involves powdery mildew – a fungal disease. 1. Powder Mildew Powdery mildew will start towards the upper surface of the fruit, where it is attached to the vine, … Read more

Neem Oil Insecticide Fungicide Gardening

Neem oil aka Bioneem is a safe, eco-friendly non-toxic pesticide and fungicide for use by home gardeners. It is a non-chemical alternative acceptable in organic gardens, and for commercial applications. Documented Benefits of Neem Oil 1. Neem acts as a growth regulator interrupting the insect’s growth cycle resulting in its death. 2. Its active ingredient … Read more

Milk to Treat and Prevent Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew should be familiar to anyone who has perpetrated a vegetable garden for more than a few seasons. It is a powdery white / off white residue that appears on many different plants but is particularly fond of pumpkin, Squash, cucumbers and melon, curcubits. Other fruits, vegetables and herbs are also afflicted. Powdery mildew … Read more

Aspirin Enhances Plant Disease Resistance

An old Urban legend states that adding aspirin to the water in Christmas Trees will help to keep them subtle and fresh. Aspirin contains salicylic acid which is produced by many plants in response to bacterial and pathogenic attacks . Salicylic acid found in Aspirin helps prevent the growth of micro organisms. Being an acid … Read more