Hollow Watermelons

Watermelons are sometimes hollow in the center. Not a major problem just a little annoying. Melons and related fruits will sometimes form with a hollow interior or ‘hollow heart’. The flavor is sometimes not up to par either, now that’s a tad more than annoying. Watermelons develop with a hollow center for a number of … Read more

Watermelon – Common Pests and Disease Problems

Plant Diseases Common to Watermelon Fusarium wilt Watermelons are attacked by Fusarium wilt at all stages of development. Seeds may decay in the soil. Seedlings wilt collapse and die before or after emergence. Older plants wilt, wither, and die any time during the growing season. If melons do form, they are generally small and unpalatable. … Read more

Trouble Shooting Pumpkins

Pumpkin vines, once planted, will grow un-cared for by man , all by themselves. They shant produce the bountiful fruits that a cared for pumpkin patch is capable of, but they will certainly help feed the insect and rodent populations. To produce the bountiful harvest we desire, a pumpkin patch must be properly cared for. … Read more

Tomato Plant Disease – Trouble Shooting

Fusarium wilt The earliest signs of Fusarium Wilt in Tomato plants is the drooping and subsequent yellowing of the lower leaves on one stem. These symptoms may appear on only one side of the plant. Yellowing and wilting of the leaves occurs, and the plants may eventually die. If the stem is cut , plant … Read more

Common Ways to Preserve Food

Preservation of otherwise perishable food runs paralell to Human evolution and the advance of civilization. Societies that failed to preserve food from times of plenty for times of famine perished. Those that were able to maintain a continuos year round food supply flourished. In Modern times the focus on sustainablity is intensifying, not just for … Read more

Vinegar enhances Drought Tolerance in Plants

As per a recent study [1] vinegar can actually enhance drought tolerance in plants. Researchers at the Japanese RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science published a study that reports a biological pathway in some plants that is activated durring drought by using vinegar. By exploring this ‘pathway’, researchers were able to induce higher drought tolerance … Read more

Grow Corn in Drought

Tips & Techniques to Grow Corn in a drought The only true drought resistant plants are those that evolved in a dessert environment. deep-rooted Desert Trees survive months without rain by extending their roots deep into underground aquifers. Cactus have the ability to subsist on minimal moisture and store more in their fibrous membranes. There … Read more

Grow Tomatoes in Drought

Tips & Techniques to Grow Tomatoes in a drought Watering is critical to the development of nearly all Tomatoes. Standard Tomatoes require about an inch of water weekly slightly more in sandy soils. In desserts, high heat regions and areas under the thumb of the drought conditions, this is not really all that feasible. Tomatoes … Read more

Why Cucumbers Fall Off Vine

The only way we want our cucumbers to come off the vine is when we harvest them. Cucumbers that are falling off the vine prematurely signal an issue. Generally cucumbers that drop have few seeds. When seeds fail to form within the seed pod aka the cucumber, nature has evolved to dictate that the plant … Read more

Cucumber Hollow In Middle. Hollow Heart Cucumbers

Ocasionally cucumbers form with a hollow interior or ‘hollow heart’ where the seed cavity should be. Hollow cucumbers are generally a tad bitter and not near as crispy, crunchy and tasty as we would expect. Fruits can develop with a hollow heart for several reasons. Nutrient Deficiency Irregular Watering Poor Pollination All of the above … Read more