Tiger Melon: How to Plant and Grow Tiger Melons

Tiger Melon, aka Tigger Melon, an heirloom melon, similar to honey Dew in taste, also related to canary melons. Yellow and orange tiger stripes are believed to be its name source. The plants are reminiscent of other melons such as muskmelon or cantaloupe, but the fruit ripens later in the growing season than related varieties, … Read more

Growing Easter Egg Plant (Solanum Ovigerum)

Not many people have probably heard of an easter egg plant before. Those who have are usually intrigued by the name. So what is an easter eggplant? An easter eggplant, also known as an ornamental egg plant, is a type of eggplant. The plant produces egg-shaped fruits that start white but then grow into a … Read more

How to Grow Richmond Green Apple Cucumbers (pictures)

The Richmond Green Apple Cucumber, an Australian Heirloom, is a mini cuke. Smaller than a bread box bigger than a lemon – but only by a wee bit. The white flesh has a refreshing mild cucumber taste, slightly sweet and very juicy with a hint of citrus. The Plants are fairly compact and work well … Read more

Raspberry Cuttings: How to Grow Raspberries from Cuttings

Purchasing a raspberry plant that’s already begun, such as a year-old dormant plant to put out in the spring is the most common and easiest way to start Raspberry or Blackberry bushes. You can however start a new raspberry bush from a cutting or root division. Red Raspberries are best started from primocanes [see diagram] … Read more

Tips for Saving Melon Seeds from Cantaloupe, Watermelon, & More

Watermelons, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, even most exotic melons such as Tiger Melons and Canary melon are extremely easy to save seeds from. They’re a great place for novices to get started. Use Seed From Open Pollinated Melons Seeds from Open Pollinated melons are the best bet for seed saving. Open Pollinated means that the seeds should … Read more

Malus Hopa Crabapple Tree: The Pink Flowering Ornamental

About the Malus Hopa Crabapple Tree Hopa is a hybrid crabapple useful for ornamental and edible purposes. Some say it is an heirloom being that it has been around long enough. “Hopa” in the native Sioux language means beautiful, and beautiful it is. It averages 10 -20 feet but can reach 20 to 25 feet … Read more

Chestnut Crabapples Trees

What are Chestnut Crabapples? Chestnut Crab apple is frequently used as a pollinator for other apples. It is also one of the few cultivars that are self-pollinating, although another cultivar nearby is advisable. Introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1946 and released in 1949, the 15 to 20-foot trees produce a yellow crab apple … Read more

Champagne Grapes: Facts and How to Grow Them

What Are Champagne Grapes? Champagne Grapes are compact pea sized grapes tightly clustered on fragile thin stems. They are actually so well clustered that they resemble giant raspberries. Contrary to what their name implies, they are not used to make Champagne but are tasty table grapes. Champagne grapes are used commercially as raisins and are … Read more

Banana Melon: How to Grow Banana Melons from Seeds

The banana melon has the appearance of a really big banana but it’s actually a muskmelon, a sister of cantaloupe, and cousin of cucumber. It not only looks like a banana but also has a hint of banana taste coupled with cantaloupe, as well as a hint of banana aroma. It has a salmon-colored flesh, … Read more

Why Are My Watermelons So Small and Not Growing?

Watermelons Not Growing Every now and again you’ll plant watermelons and yes you do get melon, but they’re squeamishly small and stunted. There are a number of reasons watermelons fail to grow to their anticipated size and at times even fail to ripen at all. Here we discuss a variety of factors causing small watermelons. … Read more