How to Grow Crenshaw Melons

Planting and Caring for Crenshaw Melons Crenshaw melons are related more closely to the cantaloupe family and have similar flesh coloration and flavor. They are however much sweeter than cantaloupe when permitted to fully mature. To be considered fully mature they should have been left on the vine long enough to acquire a yellow tinge … Read more

Gooseberry Compatible Companion Plants

Companion Planting is the placement of various crops in close physical proximity to one another so as to symbiotically compliment each others health, vigor, growth and the flavor of their produce. It also naturally involves separating plants whose development is antagonistic to each other. Gooseberry doesn’t have very many known friends in the plant realm, nor … Read more

How to Prune Strawberries and When to Cut Back

As your strawberries begin to grow, you’ll need to keep up with the maintenance. This will involve pruning and cutting back the runners. When to Cut Back Strawberries? Remove the flower stalks of June-bearing strawberry plants as they appear throughout the first growing season. More production can be expected if the plants are allowed to … Read more

How to Dry Ground Cherries

Ground Cherries are siblings to tomatillos and cape gooseberries, and cousins of tomatoes. If you’ve grown them in the past you are well aware that under the correct conditions and tutelage from you, a bumper crop is easily obtained. I like eating them raw just as they are, or in salads, but at times there … Read more

Best Time to Plant Pumpkins in North Carolina

A picture of pumpkins piled on together with text that reads best time to plant pumpkins in north Carolina.

Want to make a pumpkin patch? North Carolina would be a great place to do it. North Carolina has cheap land, easy access to water, and nutritious soil that’s good for growing.  It might not be as apparent when to plant pumpkins in North Carolina. This guide will tell you everything you need to know … Read more

The Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in North Carolina

A picture of several tomatoes with text that reads best time to plant tomatoes in North Carolina.

Tomatoes are an easy crop to grow, even if you don’t have a lot of gardening experience. You can grow these fruits without using any chemicals, and they have excellent nutritional value, according to Medical News Today. There are plenty of varieties to choose from, and you can make a lot of recipes with tomatoes. … Read more

What Are Cotton Candy Grapes? Can I Grow Them? Where to Buy?

A fairly new breed of green grape that tastes like cotton candy. No, it’s not a GMO or genetically engineered it is simply the product of some rigorous good old fashioned plant breeding. International Fruit Genetics in Bakersfield, California, a private company is responsible for this novel addition to the world’s reservoir of grapes. Horticulturists, … Read more

12 Edible Crab Apple Varieties

Whether you have a crab apple tree or are looking at getting a crab apple tree, you’ll want to know if your crab apples are edible. Well, are crab apples edible? Here you’ll find a list of 12 edible crab apples. Remember, just because they are edible doesn’t mean you’ll like them. While some have … Read more

What Are Witch Finger Grapes? Where And When To Find Them

Witches Finger Grapes When most people think of grapes, they picture the sugary-sweet balls of fruit commonly found in the supermarket. However, grapes come in a much larger variety of colors, shapes, and sizes then you might expect. One of the more interesting varieties is called Witch Finger. Witch Finger grapes are large in size, … Read more

Watermelon Splitting: What Causes a Watermelon to Split?

Melon Varieties Prone to Splitting Some thin-skinned watermelon varieties are prone to splitting and cracking. They are sometimes dubbed ‘exploding melons’ for this very reason. Thin rind varieties are infamous for this and tend to split more often on the vine. But even Thick Rind varieties can at times burst or split. Thin rind varieties … Read more