Tiger Nut Plants: How to Grow Tiger Nut Plants

What Are Tiger Nuts? Tiger Nuts grow beneath a perennial grass-like plant from the sedge family. Sedges are flowering plants which superficially resemble grasses. The nuts are fibrous, juicy, some say similar to hazelnuts just a tad sweeter. They are not difficult to grow. The grassy plant they grow beneath can also double as an … Read more

Plant Allelopathy: 10 Plants That Produce Allelopathic Chemicals

What Is Allopathy? Allelopathy is a natural phenomenon where one plant produces biochemicals that exert an influence over other plants. These biochemicals are known as allelochemicals and can have both beneficial or detrimental effects on neighboring plants, animals, insects, and organisms. Allelopathy can inhibit germination and or growth of other plant species. They serve as … Read more

Hazelnut Planting Guide

Hazelnuts aka filberts and cob nuts grow on a bushy tree as opposed to a standard tree like most nuts. They are at times rather large bushes reaching up to 10 feet high with an equal girth. They remain productive for 30 – 40 years and can be grown successfully in USDA zones 4 to … Read more

Walnut Planting Guide

Walnut Trees begin producing nuts 8 to 10 years from planting, full production at about 30. They continue producing for 5 – 6 decades. They are cold hardy trees, a cold winter in essential to their vitality. They will not thrive in warmer climates.  Varieties There are a number of varieties of walnut trees that … Read more

Almonds Planting Guide

Almond trees can produce for decades. They survive up to 50 years, and will provide bountiful annual harvests once they are established. A healthy mature almond tree can product 30 to 50 pounds of nuts annually. However it takes a minimum of two years to start producing and sometimes as long as 5 to produce … Read more

Chestnut Planting Guide

Chestnuts do best in regions with cold winters and warm summers.. USDA Zones 4-8 are just dandy for growing chestnut trees. Like the old Christmas jingle “Chestnnuts roasting an open fire” Chestnuts are generally roasted rather than eaten raw. The aroma of roasted chestnuts from street vendors is a familiar scent in most bustling urban … Read more

Pecan Trees Growing Pecans

Pecan trees are a new world native originating in the southern USA. They do best in in warmer regions with long growing seasons. Although they can be started from seed, pecan trees are best planted from a bare-root or pot-grown tree starts. They should be placed in full sun away from structures both man made … Read more

Pistachio Trees Growing Pistachios

Pistachio trees begin bearing fruit, or nuts as the case may be, 4 to 6 years after planting, and can sometimes take a decade or two for full production to begin. About 250 million pounds of Pistachios are produced annually in the United States.Turkey, Iran, and the USA account for about 85% of the Worlds … Read more