Autumn Lettuce

Plant Lettuce Late Summer, Harvest in the Fall Sow lettuce in Late Summer for a fall harvest. Early harvest varieties are best. Varieties that will produce lush lettuce heads before Old Man winter shoots his frosty breath on Mother Earth. Suggested Varieties: Buttercrunch, Salad Bowl Buttercrunch produces leaves that form a loose head.  Fine container lettuce … Read more Autumn Lettuce

Storing and Preserving Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries are delicious just about anyway you serve them, but after the season has passed they’re gone till next year. Supermarket strawberries just can’t compare. Preserving Strawberries from your own gardens bounty is one way of saving a wee bit of the summer flavors till the calendar rolls over again. With Preserves, the fruit … Read more Storing and Preserving Strawberries

Chineses Lantern Plants: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting

Chinese Lanterns [Physalis alkekengi] closely resemble their cousins Tomatilloes, Cape gooseberry, and Ground Cherries, however, unlike their cousins they are not edible and slightly toxic. Their value lies in their novel aesthetic appeal. The Blaise white spring flowers are a tad purdy although not incredibly so, the burnt orange seed pods which encase the fruit is where … Read more Chineses Lantern Plants: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting