Vegetable Gardens Plant Thinning and Spacing

Spacing Vegetable Gardens When you start a vegetable garden by direct seeding, thinning out the plants is a necessary chore. As the plants sprout, they are generally overcrowded. Failure to properly thin them will result in a dismal harvest of small and substandard crops, especially with root crops , potatoes, beets, onions . Thinning seedlings … Read more Vegetable Gardens Plant Thinning and Spacing

Autumn Lettuce

Plant Lettuce Late Summer, Harvest in the Fall Sow lettuce in Late Summer for a fall harvest. Early harvest varieties are best. Varieties that will produce lush lettuce heads before Old Man winter shoots his frosty breath on Mother Earth. Suggested Varieties: Buttercrunch, Salad Bowl Buttercrunch produces leaves that form a loose head.  Fine container lettuce … Read more Autumn Lettuce