Pickled Crab Apples Recipe

This recipe does not work well with common “ornamental” crab apple varieties. Edible Crab Apple Varieties bear fruit that is in the vicinity 2 inches round, ornamental varieties of crab apples are generally the size of a cherry or even smaller and frequently quite bitter. Ingredients: 8 lbs. crab apples 6 cups vinegar 8 cups … Read more

What is Pickling Salt and Can Table Salt be used instead?

A picture of salt in a bowl with a spoon next to it. Text reads what is pickling salt? Can alternative salts be used?

Salt is a crucial part of the pickling process. It works in combination with an acidic liquid (usually vinegar or apple cider) to create an environment that is inhospitable to bacteria. Adding salt also improves the flavor of the pickled foods that you create. But is pickling actually salt safe to eat? Does pickling salt … Read more

Pickling Fruits & Vegetables in Alcohol

Food preservation generally evokes visions of Pickles, Jelly, dried veggies strung on a decorative braid such as braided garlic, or even fruits and vegetables preserved in oils. Fruits and vegetables can also be preserved in alcohol – spirits such as vodka, cognac, brandy or even wine. Not only does the alcohol preserve the produce, the … Read more

Eggplant as a meat substitute

Eggplant serves a meat substitute because of its texture and bulkiness. Eggplant is very filling with virtually no fat ,it is packed with fiber when you leave the skin on, as well as vitamins such as vitamin C and K, folate, thiamine, and niacin. Eggplant also contains magnesium and potassium, unfortunately, by itself it has … Read more

Garlic for Pest Control Garlic Sprays and Inter planting Garlic

Garlic is known to be a useful all natural organic pest control. It doesn’t kill the little buggers, it just keeps them away. It’s not harmful to other crops or beneficial insects such as pollinating bees or lady bugs. Garlic is a cost effective and fairly simple garden hack for pest control. Companion Planting Garlic … Read more

Sugarless Grape Jelly Recipe

Recipes for No Sugar Added Grape Jelly and Jam Added sugar is probably the most harmful ingredient in the modern diet. It has negative effects on metabolism, immune system and promotes many ailments. Added sugars contain mega calories with no essential nutrients. It is the leading factor in Obesity. Recipes for jelly, Jams and assorted … Read more

Candied Angelica

Angelica is unique in it’s multitude of uses. Most commonly it is used to make candy, which is made from its hollow stems, and an abundance of sugar. The stems can also used as a vegetable and is prepared like asparagus. They are also blended into preserves and pies. Angelica seeds are used in making … Read more

How to Make Prunes from Plums

Preserving Plums via Dehydration Prunes are one of the most commonly dried fruits, after raisins. They make a healthy and naturally sweet snack. Quite simply put they are dehydrated Plums. Tracing back the origin of the word “prune” when referring to dried plums, would take one to the Old French Word for plum which was … Read more

Hibiscus Tea. Brewing Hibiscus Tea

The Hibiscus plant is a flowering shrub that produces colorful flowers commonly used in landscaping. The flower is also used to brew a beneficial herbal tea that can be drank cold or hot. The tea has an unusual tart flavor similar to cranberry, with an element all its own. Hibiscus herbal tea is easily brewed … Read more

How to Make Apple Cider DIY

Outside the USA, cider refers to a fermented alcoholic beverage. In the USA we call that Hard Cider. The main difference between Apple Cider and Apple Juice is filtration. Apple juice has been excessively filtered to attain a clear liquid. Apple cider is a form of raw apple juice that has not been filtered to … Read more