Baby Yellow Eggplants: Facts & Information (pictures)

Baby Yellow Eggplant aka Thai yellow eggplant is a miniature eggplant variety. An Asian Heirloom that is popular in South Asian cuisines. Currently, it is gaining some popularity in North America. If you are a fan of the big eggplants we cook for eggplant Parmesan, grilled eggplant, and assorted western cuisine – don’t waste your … Read more Baby Yellow Eggplants: Facts & Information (pictures)

Pumpkin Growing Stages: The Pumpkin Lifecycle from Seed to Harvest

Pumpkins are a beloved fall decoration. They are a staple of Halloween, serving as jack-o’-lanterns. They also make the best pies, soups, and other delectable treats. If you use a lot of pumpkins, you may want to begin growing your own. This plant does require quite a bit of care as it can easily suffer … Read more Pumpkin Growing Stages: The Pumpkin Lifecycle from Seed to Harvest

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Hydroponic Magnesium

Detecting and treating Magnesium Deficiencies in Hydroponic Plants Macro nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur. Although magnesium is sometimes classified as a micronutrient it is vital to healthy plant development. Magnesium is the central element of the chlorophyll molecule and is essential for photosynthesis, as well as Sugar synthesis. It facilitates the … Read more Hydroponic Magnesium

Cajun Creole Eggplant Recipes

Cajun and Creole dishes are very much alike, the main difference is the people behind these culinary styles. The Creole people were descendants of French colonists in Louisiana, primarily in New Orleans. As populations intermingled, the French and Spanish ruling class of New Orleans became associated with the designation ‘Creole’. Over time Creole expanded to … Read more Cajun Creole Eggplant Recipes