What Are Cotton Candy Grapes? Can I Grow Them? Where to Buy?

A fairly new breed of green grape that tastes like cotton candy. No, it’s not a GMO or genetically engineered it is simply the product of some rigorous good old fashioned plant breeding.

International Fruit Genetics in Bakersfield, California, a private company is responsible for this novel addition to the world’s reservoir of grapes.

Horticulturists, lead by David Cain, crossed a Concord style grape and a common grape not unlike those found in the produce section of your local supermarket.

The result was an intensely sweet large green grape that tastes like cotton candy.

Seedless grapes, which is what Cain and his colleagues at International Fruit Genetics used, can’t reproduce naturally so horticulturalists had to remove the grapes embryos from the plants and transfer them to test tubes.

They were grown in the tubes and later planted in a field.

International Fruit Genetics researchers are also breeding hybrid grapes that taste like other fruits, mango, strawberry, pineapple, and so forth, but don’t expect any immediate results.

“The whole process takes at least six years and sometimes up to 15 years” as per Cain.

Cotton Candy Grapes

The distributor of these grapes “The Grapery” also peddles similar products such as:

Finding Cotton Candy Grape Vines to Plant

If you’d like to try growing these grapes yourself, well good luck finding some for sale.

You might be fortunate enough to get your hands on some cuttings.

As per the cotton candy grape patent holder, the grapery, “It’s always great to know that our efforts are appreciated, and we thank you for your interest. However, our unique vines [Cotton Candy] are patented and unavailable for sale or licensing.”

It is possible to grow grapevines from the stems of supermarket grapes, I didn’t say it was easy, just possible.

If you locate a retailer selling these grapes be sure to select a bunch with the heftiest and healthiest looking vine possible, and expect a high failure rate.

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Cotton Candy Grapes are not genetically modified. They are simply a cross between two existing grapes.

You will have a hard time growing these grapes as the seeds are not readily for sale. You may try your hand at growing them from the store bought grapes, but expect a challenge.

You can buy cotton candy grapes by visiting the Grapery’s store locator tool. This will show where they are being sold near you.

How much do cotton candy grapes cost? Expect to pay around $4 per pound.

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