Why Cucumbers Crack Open

Cucumber Fruit Splitting

One of the most common reasons a cucumber will crack and split open on the vine is over watering and / or heavy rain. When cucumbers get too much water the inside will grow at a more accelerated rate than the outside skin can keep up with. The skin then splits.

When the plants are kept somewhat dry, as many gardeners will do when fruit is starting to develop, the fruit skin loses much of its elasticity. A sudden surge of moisture, such as heavy rains or over zealous watering commonly cause long deep cracks on the fruit surface, and at times the cucumber basically bursts open as the innards develop at a rate the skin, lacking elasticity, can not keep up with.

Other problems associated with water issues include Lowered pest and disease resistance, Lower quality cucumbers such as splitting. Blossom End Rot which is caused by irregular and fluctuating moisture, drought and over saturation will reduce calcium uptake into the plant. A lack of calcium leads to Blossom end rot. A lack of calcium and or excessive water can lead to edema.

Several Plant diseases can also cause cucumbers to split open.

Belly rot [Rhizoctonia solani]- Cucumbers that are in direct contact with the soil will at times contract belly rot It is a soil borne fungus that among other things can cause cucumbers to split. Symptoms of belly rot differ from cucumbers that have split due to water issues. Cucumbers fruits will frequently have visible signs of fungal infection such as yellowish brown water soaked areas. A discoloration of the cucumber surface that was in contact with the soil, usually the underside.

causes for split cracked cucumbers

Plastic mulch works well at preventing soil bornes diseases. Chlorothalonil based fungicides are effective, apply according to label directions.

Angular leaf spot can also cause fruit cracking in cucumbers under certain conditions. Although it is a disease of leaves the bacteria that causes it commonly finds its way onto the fruits. The symptoms differ from water related issues as well. Infected fruits will display white and off white lesions before the fruit cracks. copper based fungicidesCopper Fungicides are effective aginst angular leaf spot.

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