Crystal Apple Cucumber

Organic Heirloom Non GMO Cucumber

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Crystal apple cucumbers are Australian heirlooms. They found there way to America in the early 1900s. They are creamy pale yellow to light green oval cukes, about 3 inches in length. The skin and flesh of this cucumber is tender and thin and can be easily eaten without peeling. They have a creamier and mildly sweeter taste than standard cucumbers.

Crystal apple cucumbers resemble small Granny Smith apples or pale yellow golf balls.

Crystal Apple Cucumbers

They are best harvested and eaten when they're young. During their active growing season, the plant will continuously produce cucumbers just so long as you keep picking them. They produce prolifically under the correct conditions.

They are delicate plants and not cold hardy, so should placed in the garden only when temperatures have reached consistently over 62 Degrees F.

Beyond slightly later planting, Crystal Apple Cucumbers should be cared for exactly as you would other cucumbers in your garden - See Cucumber Planting Guide .

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