Lemon Cucumber

Organic Heirloom Lemon Cucumbers

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These little yellow cucumber balls are not very attractive, and they actually produce a fuzzy beard and bristles. The bristles are not evident in the pictures on this page. They are however quite tasty.

Lemon yellow cucumbers are excellent for eating fresh, they are tender, crisper and sweeter than standard varieties and can be eaten just like a fruit They are also good for salads and pickling. Try our Honey Lemon Pickled Cucumbers.

Lemon Cucumbers

They are best harvested before they turn completely yellow, still a tad green with a gold tinge is best. Standard cukes will sometimes yellow when they mature - which means they are no good - over-ripe. Lemon Yellow cucumbers simply get yellower - much yellower when overripe.

To eat them raw you can either peel them to remove the bristles, or simply rub the bristles off. If you plan on saving seeds, keep them away from other varieties to avoid cross pollination and allow the cucumber to get over-ripe before extracting the seeds.

The plants are standard sized vines that yield heavily right through till Autumn. They do best in Full sun, but will tolerate partial sun. They can be direct seeded or started early indoors just like any other cucumber. Maturity in 60 - 65 days - but they can be harvested in as few as 50 - 55.

Lemon Cucumbers should be planted and cared for exactly as you would other cucumbers in your garden - See Cucumber Planting Guide.

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