Suyo Long Cucumber

Organic Heirloom ~ Non GMO

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Suyo Long Cucumbers

A Chinese Heirloom, suyo long cucumbers are sooo long. They reach up to a foot and a half in length.

Suyo Long cucumbers are generally slightly ribbed. They are considered "burpless". Burpless cucumber varieties are usually sweeter, easily digestible and thinner skinned.

Unlike many cucumber varieties suyo long can be harvested at any stage, from very young to fully mature. They can be eaten fresh, in salads or used for pickling.

I had heard they were sweeter than standard burpless varieties, but over the past few years the ones I've grown tasted pretty much like other burpless varieties, so I am assuming that is simply seed company hype.

Due to their exceptional size they are best grown on a trellis. The cukes have a tendency to curve and curl, trellising and training can successfully produce straighter cucumbers.

Beyond more rigid training and trellising , Suyo Long Cucumbers should be cared for exactly as you would other cucumbers in your garden - See Cucumber Planting Guide .

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