English Telegraph Cucumber

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English Telegraph Cucumber

The English telegraph cucumber alias Rollinson's Telegraph alias Telegraph cucumber is an English Heirloom dating back to the 1800s.

It's a big one - the fruits average 12 - 18 inches long. The flesh is crisp and rarely bitter, a mild tasting cucumber with a thin skin and low seed count. Vines yield above average when properly maintained. If permitted to sprawl on the ground the cucumbers are frequently curly and crooked - trellising is required if straight cucumbers are desired.

This variety is commonly grown in greenhouses, is suitable for hydroponics as well as conventional vegetable gardening. A similar variety is English Telegraph ImprovedEnglish Telegraph Improved Cucumber, a hybrid variety that produces smaller cukes, but has more disease resistance.

For Direct seeding daytime temps should be above 70 but not much higher than 85 F. Sow at least a week following the last frost. You may need to thin out some of the weaker plants as they begin to develop.

Plant cucumber seeds 1/2 to 1 inch deep and thin the seedlings to one plant every 12 inches in the row or to three cucumber plants every 36 inches in the hill system.

Plant cucumber transplants 1 to 2 feet apart in rows 5 to 6 feet apart when they have two to four true leaves

For greenhouse or Hydroponic Cucumbers it is best to prune to one central leader on each trellis.


USDA Zones 4 to 12

Germination 7 to 10 days

Maturity 60 to 65 Days

Soil Temp. 70 to 85 F

Soil pH 6.0 to 7.0

    Spacing 36 to 48 inches

    Row Spacing 5 to 6 Ft

    Growth Habit - Vines

    Full Sun

   Length 12 to 18 inches

   Above Average Yields

   Color Dark Green

   Trellising Needed

   Not drought tolerant

   6 to 8 Ft vine

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