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Many herbs we commonly use are actually colorful and highly aesthetic ornamental flowers that may already be growing in your landscape.  Bee balm produces Red flowers with a slight peppermint flavor.  Hibiscus Tea, made from the hibiscus plant is known to some, reminiscent of cranberry, it is somewhat tart but tasty.

Book Edible Flower Gardens By Rosalind Creasy

Dandelion -The petals have a multitude of uses and a unique taste. Lavender flowers have a taste that is Sweet and spicy simultaneously, the flowers make a good addition to savory and sweet dishes.

Alliums are most popularly known as leeks, garlic, chives, onions which are grown by most gardeners but the flowers are also edible and tasty. The stalks, leaves and flowers can be added to salads and soups. The leaves are sometimes cooked as a flavoring in many dishes.

Angelica flowers range from a pale violet color to deep red. The flowers have a mild licorice taste, while the stalks are similar to celery.

See - Candied Angelica

Flowers and leaves have a subtle licorice flavor. It is a perennial flowering plant with culinary, herbal and medicinal properties. See - Anise-Hyssop Tea

Apple Blossoms
Although Apple Blossoms are said to be edible, I've tried it and didn't like it, they taste horrible and they also have trace amounts of cyanide. If eaten in quantity could be toxic.






Blossoms are small with darker centers. They have a nut and pepper flavor as do the the leaves.

Bachelorís button

Earthy Grass flavor, If you like wheat grass you'll like these .the petals are edible. Don't eat the calyx as its very bitter.

The flavor is a milder version of the leaves which are more commonly used.

Bee Balm

In the mint family. The leaves are used to make a minty tea. It is also known as Oswego Tea, as the Oswego Indians used it to make tea. The plant is closely related to bergamot which is used to make earl gray tea.

Fresh Bee Balm flowers serve as a garnish for salads, fruit salads and preserves

Borage leaves are edible and taste similar to cucumber, the flowers are also edible, they are mildly "peppery" and are used in salads and assorted delicacies.

The blossoms spicy flavor all their own. I want to say peppery and slightly tart, but it's something you have to try to understand.

The stem and base have to be completely removed as they destroy the flavor . The petals are pleasantly sweet and have a perfumed aroma.

Has a sweet flavor and is commonly used in tea. Don't use this this if you suffer from allergies.

Light anise-licorice taste.

Same flavor as the actual chicory but only milder.

Bitter, It's edible but something I would only recommend to someone I didn't truly like [maybe]. Tastes horrible.

The flowers a grassy flavor similar to the herb. Not good for cooking but a modest amount fresh will add some pizzazz to a salad.

Flowers are sweet with a hint of Anise -licorice.

The petals have a multitude of uses and a unique taste. I like to make Dandelion tea and Dandelion Jelly.

Dill flowers taste very similar the dill leaves.

Proven to bolster the immune system. It makes delicious eye candy for any landscape.

Echinacea Purpurea or American Cone Flower is used in an herbal tea with medicinal qualities. The Echinacea roots, leaves, and flowers all used in the the blend.

Yellow flowers with a subtle anise-licorice flavor, similar to the herb .

Tangy and acidic fuchsia flowers make a great garnish.

Gladiolus - Almost tasteless but edible.

Hibiscus tea is known to some, reminiscent of cranberry, it is somewhat tart but tasty. See - Hibiscus Tea

Bland flavor, colorful edible garnish.

Tasteless colorful edible garnish. Also used for candying.

Also used in tea, desserts, and sweet dishes, should be used sparingly.

Johnny Jump-Up
Can be toxic in large quantities, the flowers have a subtle mint flavor.

Sweet and spicy simultaneously, the flowers make a good addition to savory and sweet dishes.

Lemon Verbena
Lemon Verbena is a herbaceous perennial shrub. It has a number of uses, which includes Lemon Verbena Tea , as a flavoring for desserts, baking as well as cocktails. Its Lemony flavor can be used in any recipe that calls for Lemon zest.

Flowery citrus flavor.

Tastes Minty - who'd have guessed ?! Intensity varies among varieties.

When the flowers go to seed, the seed pod is simultaneously sweet and spicy. use for salads and garnish. I like to use it for pickling.

Orange Blossoms
(Or just about any citrus blossom)
Citrus blossoms are sweet and highly scented. Use sparingly or the aroma will overpower any dish.

The flowers are a milder version of the Oregano leaf.

Very little to offer in the taste department, but they are edible.

Radish flowers have a distinctive, peppery taste, similar but different than the radish root itself.

Remove the base, it's bitter. The petals have a rosey perfumed flavor. Used in some desserts, and jams. Darker roses have a more pronounced flavor. The rose Hips can also be used in Rose Hip Jelly

Like most herbs and spice the flower is a milder version of the herb.

Like most herbs and spice the flower is a milder version of the herb.

Squash and Pumpkin Blossoms
Blossoms can be stuffed, they have a flavor like - you guessed it, squash. You can also make Pumpkin Blossom Fritters, and similar dishes. Remove the stamens before using.

Sunflower All parts of the sunflower are edible, the primary purpose sunflowers are grown besides aesthetic value, is the seeds.

Violets - Use the flowers in salads and to garnish desserts and drinks.

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