Ghost Buster Eggplant

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Ghostbuster Eggplant is a hybrid White Eggplant very similar to Casper. They grow 6-8 inches in length and are fat and oval. It is very thick skinned and the skin should be removed before cooking. It is sweeter than purple and black varieties but not as tenderly sweet as Casper.

Ghostbuster is plumper than other white eggplants and reaches about six to eight inches long.

Start seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before planting outdoors.

Maturity at 70 - 75 days from transplant.

Germination 12 - 14 days.

Ghostbuster Eggplant data card

Color -Yellow Orange

Average Plant Height - 3 - 4 ft.

USDA Hardiness Zones 5 to 11


Spacing - 18"-24"

Fruit Size 3" Long X 1" Round

Full Sun

Slightly Above Average Yields By Weight

When ghostbuster gets over ripe it turns yellow, at this point it has also lost much of its culinary value, being a hybrid it's not even good for seed saving. It is best harvested when the skin starts to take on a glossy appearance.

All eggplant varieties are highly susceptible to Flea Beetles, attack particularly early in the season. Aphids also attack these plants and come later in the season. Varieties of Aphids that attack eggplants are generally either a light blue-green or amber.