Striped Toga Eggplant

Striped Toga Eggplant Seeds

Striped Toga Eggplant

Striped Toga Eggplant doesn't bare much of a resemblance to the eggplants we are accustomed to, It looks like some sort of strange exotic fruit - till you cut it open and see that its beauty is only skin deep.

The eggplants are borne in small clusters on a 3 - 4 foot bushy perennial plant. They are perennials but are commonly grown as annuals. They are edible but are frequently grown as ornamental.

The fruits are small - 1" wide by 3" long and have lots of seeds which contributes to their strong taste. They serve as attractive eye candy in any garden scenario, they start green and as they progress will morph to yellow followed by gradually deepening shades of orange with stripes of green.

Start seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before planting outdoors.

Maturity at 65 - 75 days from transplant.

Germination 12 - 14 days.

Color -Yellow - Orange / Green Stripes

Average Plant Height - 3 - 4 ft.

Spacing - 18"-24"

USDA Hardiness Zones 5 - 11

Fruit Size 3" Long X 1" Round

Full Sun

Slightly Above Average Yields By Weight

All eggplant varieties are highly susceptible to flea beetle, attack particularly early in the season. Aphids also attack these plants and come later in the season. Varieties of Aphids that attack eggplants are generally either a light blue-green or amber.

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