White Eggplant Varieties

13 Varieties of White Eggplant to Try

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White Eggplants - you might want to consider one of the egg shaped varieties. Some people say there is a taste difference - white eggplants being a bit milder and fruitier - personally I don't discriminate based on color and don't really see much of a difference in taste - so once you go black - sure you'll go back [and forth]. In the eggplant realm the whites are the minority, but a novel deviation.

1. Aretusa - 6- inch long Elongated pure white eggplant variety with a spineless calyx. High-yielding mild taste and texture. Begins producing early and continues producing so long as you continue harvesting. Uniform high gloss white coloration.

2. Aysberg Heirloom Eggplant. Hales from the Ukraine, a rarity sometimes hard to locate. I bought some seeds off ebay a few years ago and they turned out to be standard purple eggplant seeds repackaged. I am told the taste is superior, I started some plants this year and have my fingers crossed - I'll let ya know.

3. The absolute best of the full sized White Eggplants in my opinion is Casper Eggplant. It's taste is undeniably different, not just a subtle difference but a scrumptious variation. If you've ever read anything about these eggplants, you'll see them being described as tasting like mushrooms, and that is perhaps the best way to describe them. They actually do taste like Mushrooms - certainly don't taste like chicken.

4. Cloud 9 Eggplant is a prolific hybrid white eggplant. The fruits are between 5 and 8" long. Cloud 9 produces more prolifically and is easier to maintain than Casper, but the taste is not as good. It's still a good eggplant comparable in taste to most standard varieties.

5. Ghost Buster Eggplant is a hybrid White Eggplant very similar to Casper. They grow 6-8 inches in length and are fat and oval. It is very thick skinned and the skin should be removed before cooking. It is sweeter than purple and black varieties but can't compare to Casper in this department.

6. Gretel White Eggplant is another popular white variety. It produces clusters of glossy white Eggplants that are harvested at 3-4" in length.

7. Japanese White egg eggplant. Petite 2 to 3 inch tear drop shaped eggplant variety that matures rapidly. Produces good, not great, just good yields. Good disease resistance. Traditional eggplant flavor. The bitterness in some eggplants comes primarily from the seeds, this variety has smaller seeds than most and almost no detectable bitter taste but a robust eggplant flavor that lends itself well to what it is cooked with. Great for sautees and stir frys.

8.Lao White eggplant is rare. Similar is some respects to Easter Egg plant in that it produces fruits that are various shades of white, greenish and yellow as they are growing into a uniform creamy white. Fruits are ball shaped and small at about 1 to 2 inches round.

9. Snowy eggplant is an elongated variety at 6 - 9 inches when fully grown. Best harvested when the skin is shiny and creamy white. The plants are hardy and sturdy and generally need no staking. Excellent for container gardens.

10. Thai White Ribbed is a bizarre looking little fruit. It is shaped something like a tomato with a lot of deep ribs. The flat globe shaped eggplants are a rarity, hard to find. The fruits are tasty and comparable to Casper so far as flavor is concerned.

11. Tango white eggplant is actually yellow when fully mature, but is best harvested when it is still white for optimal quality and flavor. Fruits are 6 to 8 inches long by 2 inches round. I like this variety for pickling but it is also suitable for grilling or any other culinary endeavors.

12. White Comet eggplant is a long slender Asian hybrid variety. It is almost seedless which means very little bitterness. Best harvested young as a baby gourmet veggie, also works well when fully mature.

13. White Star is a hybrid eggplant successfully bred for disease resistance and high yields. 6 to 8 inch tear drop eggplants are sweet flavored so far as eggplants go. Best harvested young for optimal flavor.