Garlic Preserved in Wine

Garlic Preserved in Wine

Peeled garlic cloves submerged in wine and stored in the refrigerator are an awesome mode of preserving garlic as well as making a super healthy drink.

Garlic Wine boosts the immune system, purifies the blood, has strong anti-inflammatory properties, eliminates excess body salts, helps prevent heart disease by improving heart function, reduces cholesterol and fights off multiple viruses.

An overly sweet wine is not good, red wines and dry white wines with a lower sugar content are best.

Peel and cut the Garlic cloves into quarters. Remove roughly 1/5th the contents of a bottle of suitable wine. After you’ve done that, if you are still sober enough, fill the bottle with the peeled and quartered cloves till the liquid level nears the top. You should leave slightly less than 1/2″ head space.

Seal the bottle, shake vigorously and then refrigerate, do not allow it to sit at room temperature. From time to time, preferably at least once a day give the bottle a healthy shake.

At least once a week remove the cap to allow the excess gases produced by the interaction of the garlic sulfur with the alcohol to vent.

After about 2 weeks the wine is ready to be consumed – it will not taste as good as it did before adding the Garlic – sorry but garlic does not make a good liquer. It is however a super shot of body fortifying wholesomeness.

The cloves will also be suitable for use to flavor dishes, I sometimes further pickle them beyond what was accomplished in the wine brine, which makes for a fruity flavored garlic pickle.

The garlic wine mixture should not be kept for more than 3 – 4 months and should always be kept refrigerated. Discard the whole shabang – cloves and the liquid – if there is any sign of yeast or mold growth, which is usually evident on the liquids surface first.