Freezing Garlic

There are several ways Garlic can be frozen. The most basic method is to simply freeze the whole garlic bulb unpeeled and remove cloves as needed. Naturally you'll want to place them in freezer bags.

Another method is to peel and then chop the garlic. Place it in the freezer tightly wrapped in plastic and break off pieces as needed.

A third method is to puree them in a food processor with vegetable or olive oil. Some people use two parts oil to one part minced garlic, but it can also be done with slightly less oil. Garlic preserved and frozen in oil is best stored in the freezer only short term as the melding of the oil and low acid garlic oils is conducive to bacterial growth in particular Clostridium botulinum aka botulism. It should also be placed in the freezer immediately after processing.

Even after you've frozen garlic in oil, do not thaw it out before cooking and do not leave it sitting at room temperature.

Place frozen garlic in oil from the freezer directly into the cooking apparatus while it is hot.

Frozen Garlic paste is yet another variation. Kosher salt and some olive oil combined with minced garlic will form a paste. This paste can be frozen in ice cube trays or molded into balls. If you make garlic balls freeze them on a parchment-lined tray, then place them in the freezer in freezer bags for later usage. Labeling and dating the bags is always advisable

Regardless of what method you choose to freeze garlic, it is advisable you use a container that will keep the odor sealed in unless of course you want everything in your freezer to wreak of garlic. Freezer bags can be double bagged, or wrap the garlic in plastic wrap inside the freezer bags. on Facebook

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