Glass Winged Butterfly

Nymphalidae aka Espejito

Glass Winged Butterfly Nymphalidae

The Glasswinged butterfly is a rare visual Treat

The Glasswinged butterfly is a rare beauty of nature, entomologists classify it as a brush footed butterfly or Nymphalidae. In latin America it is known as 'espejito' which translates to little mirrors. It's wings are transparent sparing a reddih brown to orange outline. Its transparency makes it difficult prey for birds as it is only spotted in flight with arduos effort. It's wingspan maxes out at slightly less than 2.5 inches.

They have a number of other peculiar traits including tediously long migrations and competetive congregations of males vieing for mates.

It is most abundant in central to southern Mexico and central America but can also be found, allthough not commonly, in the American southwest and gulf coast.

They are not a problem to human agriculture as they feed on plants that people don't use, such as members of the nightshade family containing toxic alkaloids. They store these alkaloids in their body fluids which works as a survival mechanism as they repel birds.