Goji Berries in White Wine

Wine Marinated Goji Berries

This is a very basic recipe and is not written in stone feel free to experiment. The Goji berries should be at the peak of perfection under ripe berries tend to be somewhat bitter. A dry white wine with a low sugar content is best. I prefer chardonnay but any dry white wine will suffice.


3 cups Goji Berries

3 cups White Wine

You will also need Cheesecloth and coffee filters Large funnel for straining & filling bottles


Rinse the berries and remove any imperfect ones you come across. Bruise them just a little bit to help expose the inner fruit and release the juices. Chopping them up in a food processor is not a good idea - you really do no want pureed or minced berries, you only want to bruise them a tad.

After you've roughed them up place the berries in suitable glass container, preferably a mason jar or even wine bottle that can be adequately sealed upon completion.

Pour your wine over the fruit, enough to cover it. The berries should all be submerged , on occasion some may float to the top, but once they become saturated they should sink.

Stir the mixture and shake it once it's covered. Place the container on a dark shelf, in a cool location for about a month. Shake it from time to time.

After the berries have steeped in the wine for about a month, strain the mixture. Cheese cloth or coffee filters work well. Store the saturated berries in the refrigerator, they should be used within 2 or 3 days. They make a great dessert or topping - if the timing is right I've blended them into Ice Cream. They can also be added to baked goods.

The wine you strained the berries from is still good, although you may want to strain it again to remove any sediment. You'll find the character of the wine has changed - so in essence you have not only made a great dessert with the berries, you've made a new liqueur. Some people render it down to make syrups and or extracts, personally I prefer to sip it as is after straining.