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Preserving Gooseberry

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Pickled Green Gooseberry

Green gooseberries are best suited for pickling. They tend to be firmer and tarter, red variations are better suited for preserves such as Gooseberry Jam and other sweet treats.

Early Americans served gooseberry pickles along with fish or fowl. The Brits and Aussies still do, but it seems to have been lost to the ravages of time in North America. For best results, the vinegar must be White Wine Vinegar, which is a full bodied vinegar made from wine - ideal for preserving pungent foods. Simple white vinegar is made from distilled grains and is not suitable for this recipe.


1/2 Lb. of gooseberries

5 ounces of white wine vinegar

3/4 Tablespoon of granulated sugar

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Wash and Sterilize your jars thoroughly in hot soapy water. Rinse in hot clean water to remove any soap residue - dry them thoroughly before using.

1. Wash the gooseberries and and trim off the stem section and a nibble off the opposite end.

2. Combine the vinegar, sugar and cloves - boil them together.

3. Allow the brine you just boiled to cool off a tad, then pour it over the gooseberries. Add the lemon juice and seal the jars while they are still warm.

4. Leave the gooseberries to soak in the brine for 2 - 3 weeks before serving it.

Other spices such as cinnamon, ginger and peppercorns can also be added for gastronomically pleasing variations.


Pickle Green Gooseberries


Indian Style Pickled Gooseberry

In India Gooseberries are sometimes referred to as 'Amla'. Amla achar is a type of pickled Indian Gooseberry I've tried and enjoyed. It's a tad spicy and a tad tart but more than a tad enjoyable. See: Amla Achar Gooseberry Pickle

Another simple recipe from India is more in line with traditional Western Pickling, but involves a salted Water process. The combination of the tart gooseberry and the salty brine is an unusual taste experience, but not unpleasant. See: Ghezaeshiriin Pickled Gooseberries

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